Does anyone have Gabriel?

Gabriel's leader trait looks good and I want to get him, but he's one of the only heroes I don't have any tokens for. Are his tokens rare or something?
Good luck, dumbass


  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,018
    I got him early with some lucky pulls, but not much since then. His Leader Trait is OK, but I don’t see too much benefit with the recent caps on some trait percentages. I liked using him in the original The Distance to help activate Wrestler Gear. With the new The Distance, he’s good for tying up walkers for a couple of rounds while they chow down. :sunglasses:
  • SynapseRangerSynapseRanger Member Posts: 233
    Oh. I thought he seemed like the new Lucky. If both parts of his leader trait stack for dodge and your other survivors have lucky and dodge with lucky and dodge on gear they could have a crazy chance to dodge melee attacks. 49% chance to dodge + (.4 * 49) = 68.6% chance to dodge.
    Good luck, dumbass
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,018
    Good thought there. I don't use melee much and my Gabe is still Rare so he rides the bench. It is also my understanding that Dodge is pretty much useless at RSL+5 missions (like always getting Body Shots with your ranged survivors). So, I tend to use my ranged team for most missions. No need to dodge when you kill the walkers at long distance. :wink:

    I would be interested to hear if anyone is having luck with Gabe and having some great dodging. But on other thought, let's not advertise it here if that's the case. I wouldn't want it to get nerfed. :lol:
  • SynapseRangerSynapseRanger Member Posts: 233
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    lol yeah. I really want to try this now though, see if my survivors learn to use the matrix.
    Good luck, dumbass
  • Edd8Edd8 Member Posts: 135
    I tried Gabe when I unlocked him, he doesn't add up much difference to dodge. Don't waste your phones and time on him.
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,361
    I think Gabriel could be good on those maps where one survivor has to open a crate or gate for like 5-6 turns, making it so you effectively have a 2 survivor team. Use him to open those items so your other survivors get the boost. Or he could be good leading a triple scout team as they run through Lost Bunker.
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