What is the most unbelievable TWD Moment for you?

Every now and then, there are moments in the show where you just can't suspend disbelief. My most recent time where I just had to say, "Oh, come on," was when the walkers took down a full-grown, healthy tiger. Given that the writers have had walkers pull down and eat horses and other large animals in the past, then how in the hell could they not pull down Glenn when the prison was overrun after the fight with the Governor? He was already weak from recovering from the super flu and weighed down with full body armor. I sometimes wonder if the show writers ever stop and think about some of the scenarios they are writing out.


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    That's what bothers you that the fact that all the characters are acting like idiots and going and causing problems. To me the Glenn versus Shiva thing is a numbers game. There were more Walkers that attacked Shiva Glenn it wasn't a big horde and he pushed through with all the armor he had on. Also would I find Dumber things like tyreese's death he can beat up on hordes but one stupid Walker sneaks up on him and kills him. Oh yeah spoiler alert. And of course we have dr. Denise running off and getting killed for no reason. I'll give the lazy writers more slack for what they do with the zombies and what they do with the actual humans. And on the Sheba Glenn thing again it just goes to show that the writers are biased and they think humans are smarter than animals. Maybe a zoologist can tell us how elusive tigers are cuz to me Shiva could munch on a couple of Walkers while the others end up biting her.
  • Shiva should have hid under a dumpster. :lol:
  • funny but I think Kevin Smith had better delivery when he made the joke.
  • I felt it was totally unbelievable that Michonne would go out to check 9n the Sanctuary just because she was feeling antsy, especially when she was wounded. DUMB!
  • How does a tiger distinguish between savior & friend? A tiger that smart could easily have out manuvered a few walkers. :p
    "Really? Good luck with that!"
  • 2 episodes, 2 times a vehicle magically appears from offscreen to smash an escaping Savior vehicle just in the nick of time.

    Rick's entire escapade with the Garbage Pail Kids in S8E7.

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    Well, the thing about that scene was, that Shiva looked at Ezekiel and gave a roar as if to say,”you guys go ahead and survive. I’m sacrificing myself for you for saving me from the pit, where I woulda starved to death. Go my King! I will distract these walkers and let them feast on me while you all survive.”

    You guys didn’t get that from the great cg they used to create Shiva? LOL!
    But ya. That’s what the writers were doing there. Shiva sacrificed himself for the King and friends and that let Ezekiel know that he WAS worthy to be a King. He saved Shiva and that’s what the heart of a true king should have in it. The desire to lead and save his people and to rescue those that are in need.
    Watch that scene again with this in mind and it will make a lot more sense then.
  • My scene that I was like “come on! Really?” Was when Carol blew up the Terminus Gastank and Rick and gang all escaped after being tied up and ready for the bbq’ing.
    They were over the tub with a guy that’s ready to smack the backs of their heads and slit their throats, and the guy walks in and stalls the killin’ because they didn’t have the numbers right?Another “come on!” Moment in the same scene.
    Although there have been many moments, it’s a zombie series..... They’re supposed to be! I’ve only seen 1 zombie movie that was like dead serious. The Day After, I think it’s called.
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    Although there have been many moments, it’s a zombie series..... They’re supposed to be! I’ve only seen 1 zombie movie that was like dead serious. The Day After, I think it’s called.

    This one's pretty good and serious, if you can handle subtitles.

  • Most unbelievable moment? Too many to count in the mid-season finale. I really want to keep liking this show, but I need to huff a lot of spray paint before I become dumb enough to suspend this much disbelief.
  • SOOO many things.....

    * How did Rick and Daryl chase a truck with a machine gun firing at them and NOT get hit? Then Daryl’s motorcycle rolls over...he is fine. Ricks Jeep rolls over, he is fine. Jeep is fine. Other episodes, total vehicle destruction in a fender bender.

    *How come nobody SHOT the Tiger? Oh yeah...the bullets don’t kill a damn thing. How many scenes were people two feet away from each other, firing thousands of rounds and not a damn fatality? More people are killed during gunfire by machetes. And Morgan and his stick killed more people than all the guns in every episode.

    *Jayda and the junkyard crew in seven years since the zombie apocalypse have forgotten how to speak English....word and clothing are superfluous yet they spend countless hours making art out of GARBAGE? That is their CULTURE? And who gave her a MOE haircut? Why would a nudist get a haircut?

    * How stupid IS Rick? He wants to kill everyone BUT Jayda and she has fucked him over TWICE. yet he won’t help the starving guy CARL wants to help?? And we are still supposed to LIKE Rick?

    *how did somebody (no spoiler here) get bit on the STOMACH running away? I can see the arm or leg, but STOMACH?

    *we are supposed to believe that not only does Negan and creepy Gabe escape the trailer, but Negan and the entire crew of saviors get out? Were they all in a DUMPSTER?

    * Carol lives on a house all alone and NEVER gets bugged by walkers, but if you try to visit Carol, you always encounter walkers?

    *it is a LONg drive to Hilltop, like the end of season six, but a short WALK to Hilltop, because Enid and Carl and others seem to effortlessly do it all the time...yet somehow it took them three seasons to even FIND Hilltop??

    * Maggie is having a VERY small baby...is she ever going to LOOK pregnant?

    * if they have such little food, how come there are some really FAT survivors? And how had Daryl gotten so heavy on those dog food sandwiches?

    I COULD go on......LOL
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