Leader traits on others

I just had an idea. One that I think both parties would like. For NG, they’d like it because you would have to pay(and if NG is reasonable, maybe only 50 gold) for the idea. For the players, it gives their favorite survivors the opportunity to be of more use. The idea is that when a survivor gets to be a legendary, they should have the opportunity to become a leader. A leader will have the traits you got from 1 star to 4 stars, and a leader trait based on those traits! In order to do that, you’d just have to pay some gold. I think 50 would be a decent price to make both happy. Of course, you’d have the option not to take the leader trait, and just have a normal, 5th trait.

Ex: let’s take this survivor. I know he’s only an epic but stay with me. If I leveled him up, and payed for the trait(IN GOLD NG), he’d get one. Due to him being a more defensive survivor, his leader trait would boost the defense of other survivors or make it that damage from stronger enemies has a, let’s say 30% chance, of resulting in a body shot.

Thnx for listening to my idea, if anyone knows who to show this too, feel free, I don’t have a clue who. Also if you feel the idea is crap, tell me. Now enjoy reading this forum and playing No Man’s Land!
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