Mavericks OG hits 1 million stars on their 50th challenge!!

DLichDLich Member
Congrats to the Mavericks family. First guild to hit 1 million stars within 50 challenges.

I have only been with this group a short time but was honored to play the last challenge in OG. Many of them I know from the “Guild Games”

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  • Proud of everyone inside Mavericks! You did a hell of a job! Couldn't be any prouder! Yes the guild is a newer guild, but we've shown we can compete with some of the best. My hats off to you all Keep up the good work!
  • Thanks @DLich !!

    We are very proud and excited to hit this milestone!!

    Everyone who’s ever contributed to Mav’s OG Million stars, Thank You!

    Let the champagne flow, y’all deserve it! ;)
  • Congratz all, dearest friends!
    Very happy for you! Record time!!
    If you would like to join a drama-free and fun group of enthusiasts,
    contact us via email at [email protected]
  • I just earned my 1000th comment badge for this comment, how crazy is that?!

    If you would like to join a drama-free and fun group of enthusiasts,
    contact us via email at [email protected]
  • Pain_WalkerPain_Walker Content Creator
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    Congratulations my friends. ;)

    May the force be with you
  • PicPic Member
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    Jeremy Makowski while doing the list I left out one of our core elders. @DrRevaDac so many names I do apologize bud he was always the first to go to any Mavericks guild when we short, always did his best congratulations and again it was a bad mistake on my part, such a obvious one I was worried about not leaving a player out that participated in the beginning. Your an amazing player bud! Kudos to the one mil!
  • Great Achievement. Congrats Mavericks!!!!
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  • Congrats Mavericks OG
  • Congrats. Very nice score.
  • Glad to contribute a bunch of those stars and be part of this family

    Congrats to all the involved
  • Congratulations
    Zee Black, The Magnificent Level 68, Elder, SG Woot, the million star club
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