Is it Worth upgrading the radio tent?

apologies if this was answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find an answer.

Is it worth me upgrading the radio tent? - I already have 25 recriuits, a mixture of Heroes & survivors. - min 3 stars, mostly upgraded to 4 or 5 stars already.
i don't really need any new people as my roster of good people is pretty much already there & mostly I just rotate the same 5 or 6 heroes & a few other characters anyway. The others are just really used for 'the distance', or if I injure a lot of people in a short timeframe.
So other than to get higher starting level survivors (which I don't really need) Is there any benefit to upgrading the radio tent that I'm missing? or is it probably unnecessary for me? if it gave enhanced chance of Legendary survivors then it may make it more worthwhile, but as I understand it - it has no bearing on that at all,.. right?


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    It's not something I'd rush to upgrade unless you intend to make calls for new survivors.
    Nevertheless, you will have to upgrade it at some stage.

    *edit to add.
    You'll need to upgrade it as some stage in order to have enough BP to upgrade your council.

    The only benefit is the survivors you call will come at a higher level, not rarity.
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  • AndyBall4000AndyBall4000 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, - that's what I thought. - all of my survivors are 3 levels above hte max i could get anyway, so it seems counter-intuitive to me when I have other buildings I need to upgrade to progress in the meantime.

    thanks for the advice on the BPs though - didn't know that.
  • DDSperlingDDSperling Member Posts: 3
    Yes, It worth.
  • ignasignas Member Posts: 368
    Why not change “MAX initial survivor level” to “MIN initial survivor level”? Then upgrade of radio tent would make some sense. Currently it’s just BP source, nothing else.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,016
    @ignas, you mean: current max level should be the new min level?
  • ignasignas Member Posts: 368
    Not judging what should be the numbers, just saying that this way there would be true sense of upgrading it. Spending supplies on upgrade = less XP for potential survivors upgrade.

    My intention for sure was not to have minimum at 23 or anywhere above 20. But currently even max tent can give you survivor with level 8?
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,016
    Technically increasing the max level also raises the min level. But min level is way to low imo too.

    There was a time when Shteevie had some great (unrevealed) idea to repurpose the radio tower

    To bad that never happened. Radio tower improving level is from the age of static level survivors. It lost purpose long ago.
  • ignasignas Member Posts: 368
    Can someone share those secret ideas?
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