Just curious...

Is there anyone else that holds onto lower level legendary gear with good traits in hopes of the level cap ever being removed? :#
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  • I hold on to all legendary and epic gear no matter what the level :)
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  • This beauty from a low lvl challenge crate...
  • Here is me powerful bang snap and matching jacket

  • I just fricken keep all my low level stuff until it says “fuck you! We’re scrappig your hard earned useless shit because you horde to much!” Well screw you NG XD if your in an apocalypse, your going to have a boat load of equipment no matter how useless it is! You never know!
  • SCBMA said:

    I just can't let go of this level 4 beauty!

    Still got mine, Would that happen to be the one they nerfed inside of your inventory ?

  • Time for another loothoarder weigh-in on hoarding technique.

    Low level perfectly statted gear is worth holding. Why? Cause what if. If they do remove the cap and you scrapped the gear for minimal amounts of xp, then you'll be kicking yourself for the entire giant grind of finding perfectly statted gear to replace those scrapped low level pieces. Naysayers said they'd never take away the surv level cap. Guess what.

    Lets say you scrap em. So you get the cost of the low level gear in xp, optimally on a 2x scrap day riding a 2x xp booster and this amount of xp will definitely scale based on if your low level gear is for level 1 survs or say lvl 20. Do the math on the xp you individually would get and then weigh that against the potential days spent grinding for that gear. Do you have all perfectly statted gear now? Have you ever at any point had it at some lvl/update? How long did it take you if so? Time vs xp. Pick which you believe to be more important. Oh and one important thing to consider when you do this math: if you immediately scrap items rather than accumulating them and only scrapping a minimal amount when necessary to avoid autocleanup, youre likely not going to cash in on the extra bonus xp from scrap days or be juicing an xp booster.

    Lets say you hold the max amount of low lvl perfectly statted gear for three of all classes. 2x gear pieces per surv x 3 survs per class x 6 classes. That's 36 slots. You've got 300 slots (cant remember if this includes equipped gear or not and cant play now to check myself so someone fact check me on that total) so this represents roughly a tenth of your total bag space (potentially less based on surv counts if equipped gear doesnt contribute to the total slots). So really thats not a huge amount of slots to hold onto for this purpose. Unless youre near max capacity already, this seems like a worthwhile investment of your slot space.

    Ideally, one should hoard gear in general and ride the max slots line at roughly 90% capacity in prep for event scrap days to max on xp returns. Monitoring the saved items is minimal in that i suggest you just scrap anything less than epic automatically unless you do things like hold on to a few lvl 1 pieces for swapping gear (god ng needs to deal eith gear swapping to make this practice unnecessary...). Yes i said less than epic. Why epic? Because they might make you able to upgrade them as well as remove the cap and really upgrading anything less than epic will likely not be cost effective. Naysayers said theyd never allow upgrades for survs. Guess what.

    And loothoarder sayeth: let there be hoarding.
  • There is no limit to the number of epic and legendary gear you can hold. If you are above the 300 mark it auto scrap everything rare, uncommon and common when you re-log back into the game.

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