Bring back the Ultimate Challenge please



  • RichmorlRichmorl Member Posts: 14
    Its just pathetic. They've got their new walking dead go app coming out next year and are just trying to fleece everyone to finance that.
  • StretcherBearerStretcherBearer Member Posts: 6
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    Ultimate chalenge was awesome, the regular old chalenge is just too boring. Please bring it back for good.
    I've been playing for a long time but this long running chalenge is just too time consuming.
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    Please @Teeceezy ...consider again my Rodent Fix, it's a sort of "2 ways" like for The Distance.... :)
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    Well, people might not spend as much anymore on boosters but might ultimately spend the same amount on other things in the game if they don't feel like having to buy boosters anymore... not everyone, probably, but some...
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  • rebirthunionrebirthunion Member Posts: 11
    Also if it is about the money (obviously you seen a decrease in players buying gas etc) then NG haven't thought it through properly. Players will now leave the game and you will lose more money that way. Yes I pay for gas, However I also pay for xp, bundles, and phones. I refuse to do this now just out of principle. I will also tell my guild to do the same.
    I really don't think NG realise what impact they ahve made. With every player its always been about the grind. The round passes haven't helped much.
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,392
    The solution to drive change is an obvious one and one that I know won't happen. If all the Guilds instituted a no gas booster, no gold purchase policy then the revenue stream would be impacted. If we believe the decision to force us to grind is purely business related then you have to impact the business to elicit an analysis for desired change. You can voice your displeasure all day long on the forum but in the end the biggest voice you have is impact on revenue.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    I was pleased reading @Teezceey 's last post here. It's somewhat more positive than just a no.

    I don't mind if there are some adjustments made to the Ultimate Challenge System, the main issue is the huge grid. If this is addressed I & I believe everyone will be happy.

    I just hope a change isn't too far away as I'm hear more and more players question if they should continue.
    That evidence can be seen in plain sight here on the forum or even in this thread alone.

    I made a statement questioning how much our feedback is truly valued.

    I probably said this too much in a negative way due to reading the "no change" response in @Teeceezy 's first statement.

    I can only hope & assume our feedback is valued so I encourage players to continue feedback. Positive or Negative, feedback is good and the more constructive the better. Feedback, if not valued by NG, is valued by players themselves.

    Let's keep the subject in foreground. I liked the Ultimate Challenge System as it was but I welcome any adjustments, the main issue is to address the current endless grinding in the current system.
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  • AlexFiliUKAlexFiliUK Member Posts: 167
    I like the ultimate challenge and it should be an option for those who find the normal challenge too easy.
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