Bring back the Ultimate Challenge please



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    We have another player leaving after this challenge. Yeah, awesome... thanks, NG! We are having so much fun at the moment. (Can we have a sarcasm font for the forum at least?)
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    Since both the official and players hold their own view, why don't you just make a in game vote and let the players choose what the want?
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    I really hope it's fixed soon. I'm by no means a whale but I've spent enough money to have done my share to support the game. Following the double supply weekends and now this weekends upgrade event I now have a full troop of level 23 survivors with maxed out gear. I'm happy because I can now enjoy being an end gamer, I don't need to run any tedious scavenge missions and can focus on the challenge/distance.

    During the ultimate challenge I cleared 30.2, this week I cleared 30.1 so this looks to be my new norm however with time I might be able to push as far as 30.4 in the future. Monsuta has kindly worked out that for this I would need about 1000-1100 gas which equates to about 7 days worth of gas... for a challenge which runs for 5 days...

    What's more annoying is that this is assuming I don't play the distance and don't repeat any rounds I might make a mistake on and lose a star. I suppose round passes will reduce this somewhat and I'm not factoring in any gas I might receive in post mission/ad crates. I was looking forward to not requiring to buy a gas booster next week and I find it absolutely ridiculous that I literally can't not buy one unless I use gold to buy gas, don't play the distance and don't retry any failed maps. Even then I will likely run out of time before the challenge actually becomes fun and rewarding.
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    They have to offer the two alternative i suggested with the Rodent Fix. This way we can choose what challenge we want to play. ..and NG will save grinded players and they will probably keep buying gas boosters for outpost, Distance or whatever
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    > @JackBauer said:
    > Can we close this thread ? It makes me sad.

    I agree there are some sad comments but I think it's important to keep this thread active and in the foreground.
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