Positive and Negative Traits for survivors

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This might be kinda a bad idea and I also don’t know how it would work, but it’s an idea that I had. What if we added negative survivor traits? Now please here me out!

Explanation: While on here, people make a lotta jokes about Shane having a terrible hero trait. That got me thinking, in the apocalypse, there would actually be people like him. There’d also be weak people and scared. After the apocalypse, no body becomes perfect. And I think those should come into effect! Having these traits would make this game a lot more strategic. This is because you’d have to use a combination of people’s traits to find some that nul out the negative for the mission.

Negative traits:
Aggressive: Does 50% more damage while other survivors do 10-20% less due to fear

Fear: When a walker is next to a survivor, has a 50% to hit a critical on the walker, but also a 50% to hit a critical on the survivor next to the walker

Boredom: Survivor has 10-20% more chance to hit a body shot.

Untrusting: Is the same thing as fear, but only for Freemen or Raiders. If your own survivor goes right next to him, has a 10% of shooting that survivor.

BUT(before you dis this idea): After thinking this over, I knew no one would want just negative traits so I thought of this to go with it.

Positive Traits: Everyone has that one thing their good at. Well this would be that hidden talent. It would give survivors the opportunity to get rid of the Negative trait for the mission. This would only to get people to think more on who they bring in a mission so it’s not just whoever hits the hardest. You need to think of what the situation is and how to fix it, like if you were really sending actual people.


Natural-Born Leader: Boost ATK and DEF by 10-20% while nullifying the negative traits of fear.(Turns the 50% to hit the walker and 50% to hit the survivor to just 50% to hit the walker)

Human Pepraly: Let survivors move an extra space(or maybe just an extra attack if not movement) while nullifying the effect of Boredom

Calmer: Reduces the attack of aggressive to 10% while nullifying the attack defect for other survivors

Faithful: All ajundent survivors get an attack boost(I can’t think of a number here) and a defense boost(look at previous side note) while making it that untrusting don’t shoot when your own survivors are near

And Finally: This is the longest thing I’ve ever done and I’m a little proud of this, but I’d love to hear your opinion. There are a bunch of boost in the traits because I’ve been listening to the forum and people think that the game is hard enough so I thought why not have it just be a little useful. And lastly, I know I’ll get comments, but that wastes a trait slot that could have more useful stuff. Worry not I had an idea for that too! As every person does, these traits would be side traits that they were born with. It wouldn’t be part of the five normal traits. I don’t know how hard this would be, but It’s something I thought that might make TWD:NML just a little more strategy and a little more interesting. If you can do this NG, I’ve thrown the ball into your court. Thnx for reading this, and forum away my friends.(since I don’t know any staff but you, sorry @zbot)


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