Update Notes 2.9

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Update Notes 2.9!

December Events

The end of the year is a time for reflection, merriment, and preparation for what adventures the new year will bring! We're loading up the calendar with special reward events, new bundles and Radio Call events, and even some giveaways to celebrate you - our fans. Look for info in the News section of the Camp; everything you need to know will be announced there. We wish all of our Survivors and the real Heroes of No Man's Land [the players!] a safe, happy, and fun holiday season. Light a fire, gather your friends and Guildmates, and spread some cheer!

Daily Quests System

A brand new and completely overhauled Daily Quest system reward you for exploring the game, using new teams and strategies, and getting the most out of every day's struggle for survival.

- The new system replaces the old Daily Quest System.
- Daily Quests can be found by tapping the upper-left corner of the Camp Screen.

- Four Quests are chosen for you each day.
    - The Quests are randomly chosen, and the kinds of Quests you see will change depending on progression through the game.
- New quests appear every day at 13:00 UTC [the same time of the day that the Challenge and The Distance start].
    - Unfinished Quests will be discarded automatically when new Quests appear, so be sure to complete them each day in order to get the most rewards.
- Use the 'Go' button near the Quest description to go to the screen where you can complete the quest.
- Completing each Quest gives a Quest Trophy and the reward shown. These Quest rewards can be Supplies or XP, Gas, or other resources.
- Accumulate enough Quest Trophies to unlock a Quest Crate that can contain rewards like Equipment, Radio Phones, or Class or Hero Tokens.
    - Quest Trophies do not expire - you can save them up over several days to unlock the Quest Chest if needed.
- Complete all four Daily Quests before they refresh to get a bonus batch of Quest Trophies!
- After collecting a Quest Crate, the next Quest Crate appears right away. Any extra Trophies that remain are applied to unlocking this new Crate.

Bruiser Weapons Get Stronger

To better crush the skulls of walkers in your neighborhood, Bruiser Weapons are receiving an overall upgrade to Damage. Bruiser Weapons you already possess and those you collect in the future are up to 60% stronger.

Select Hero Improvements
Increased Health and Damage, Leader Trait triggers more often
Increased Health and Damage, Leader Trait more effective
Increased Health, Leader Trait chances improved
Increased Damage, Leader Trait chances improved
Increased Damage, Leader Trait Damage bonus increased
Increased Damage, Leader Trait chances improved
Increased Health and Damage, Leader Trait Damage increase improved
Increased Damage, Leader Trait chances improved
Increased Damage, Leader Trait chances improved
Increased Damage, Leader Trait Health and Damage bonuses improved
Increased Health and Damage, Leader Trait Damage bonus improved
Leader Trait Health bonus improved

New Weapons

New Winter Survivalist weapons will be appearing in the game throughout the wintertime. Look for these in the Shop, and expect to see them mowing through Walkers in a Challenge or Distance mission near you soon!

Menu and Interface Improvements

We're always looking for ways to improve the experience of playing No Man's Land. We hope to continue to optimize and improve menu functionality whenever possible.
  • In the Training Grounds and Team Selection, arrows to the sides of the survivor's model will allow you to quickly browse other Survivors in your Roster. The current Survival filters are taken into account when using these arrows; for example, if the "Assault Class" filter was applied before inspecting a Survivor, these new arrows would cycle through your Assault Heroes.
  • The "End Turn" button in combat appears at the start of the player turn with a reduced delay.

Tech Improvements

iPhone X Support
- The game will now use more of the available screen space, and elements have been positioned to avoid the new screen edge shapes.

Memory Usage
- Optimizations for loading images, menus, and game elements should show improvements in game stability, loading times, and performance for older devices with lower amounts of available memory. The amount of performance increase will vary significantly from device to device.
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