Assault weapons- which one to level up


  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Personally I'd only upgrade Legendary gear.
    For Assult weapon, you want gold wide spread.
    If I was you I wouldn't upgrade any you've shown.

    - Dixieland BBQ is out done by any other epic weapon. (Fun & cool to use though)

    - Your Frontier OFR doesn't have wide spread.

    - Your Liberator MK3 is rare so out matched by most epic and all legendary weapons.

    Keep hunting for a Legendary Weapon, good traits are Wide Spread, Deadly, Piercing.

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  • AxewoundAxewound Member Posts: 33
    Good tips thx dude i think i'll wait it out for some thing better then.
  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    The perfect assault weapon would be silver destructive, gold wide spread & piercing.
    You also need gold wide spread without any piercing when using Sasha as the leader to boost her leader trait for bodyshot on high level enemy.
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
    @Monsuta - What traits would be on your perfect Assault weapon to go along with Sasha as a leader? Gold Wide Spread, Gold Luck, Silver Interrupt? Something else?
  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    @tabernac The perfect one with Sasha would be silver lethal or accurate, gold wide spread & destructive.
    Actually the key is gold wide spread without piercing, other trait like lethal, accurate, lucky, destructive & silenced in any order would be fine.
    Interrupt is the only trait you need to avoid because interrupt would fail when bodyshot.
    Destructive & accurate you can still use them on charge attack.
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