A question about upgrading equipment.

My top heroes / survivors are at level 14. I currently have two level 14 assault rifles to upgrade.

Rare: Damage/190
Lucky: +10%
Accurate: +10 Crit. Shot
Wide Spread: Cone + 32°

Epic: Damage/210
Piercing: -20% Body Shots
Interruptor: +80% to stop attacker's movement (in Overwatch)
Lucky: +20%
======================================= Now I know that the Point Damage difference will, at the very least, remain a 20-point difference between the two guns. What I would like to know is, does the point difference increase between the two guns because one is Epic and the other one is Rare?

If I could upgrade both guns to level 17 and the point difference remained at 20, then for me, the answer is simple. I personally would upgrade the Rare gun. Simply because the Wide Spread Trait is the most important trait for that weapon, IMO. The ability to stun / weaken / kill approx 10-15 enemies at once is huge! However, if there were an increasing gap of Point Damage between the two guns, I may have to upgrade the Epic gun.

Is there a chart somewhere that shows how much Point Damage gets added to a weapon as you upgrade it? It would be great if this chart could show each class of weapon, at each level. So we could see what upgrading that particular weapon would do for us, as players. Don't you agree?

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