The End Game

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To me the mid-season finale with it’s surprising twist on the next major character death may be setting the pace for the premature end of TWD series. The ratings are in a freefall, almost as low as Season one.
If that happens I don’t see the game continuing or evolving much in the future as interest drops. I don’t expect fixes for those things that have yet to be fixed. Why would NG waste their resources?

So since the end may one day come, I will just enjoy the game as it is and not grumble about what it isn’t. I am happy for the little tweaks and thankful for the fun so far. (I still think the badges are silly, but they’re just not my type of gameplay)

I will keep improving my heroes and try to get as far as i can in The Distance.

It’s been a fun diversion. Thanks NG.
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    The show is still making AMC money, and even with the continual ratings drop, it's still the most watched Sunday night show. Hopefully the network listens to fans and gets rid of Scott Gimple, and turn things around before its to late. I also can't see the game disappearing anytime soon. Worst case scenario there will probably be 10 seasons of the show.
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    I don’t understand how ratings are down? All out war seems like that should be interesting enough to want to watch it? No?
    I can’t wait to see how this plays out from Negan smashing in the heads of our most beloved characters on the show, to Negan dying. If he dies?

    I’m a fan for sure. I think the ratings goes by who tunes in on the day it airs, rather than who also watches it mid week at their own liesure??? Who knows such things.
    But I’m amazed that the ratings are down.
    I even bought the Daryl and motorcycle and crossbow action figure set for $50 bucks at the mall.
  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 538

    My awesome Dyral action figure. Lol
  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 430
    I dropped out of watching the walking dead after season four. The constant grind became too much, kinda reminds me of something else...
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    I subscribed to season 8 on Amazon because I cut the cable on Direct TV and have no way to watch AMC channel
    The ratings that Amazon subscribers are currently giving season 8 are 3 stars

    From what I have read, people are getting really tired of the whole Saviors/Negan deal
    I still watch the show, but I too am a bit tired of Negan
  • TreseriousTreserious Member Posts: 69

    My awesome Dyral action figure. Lol

    cool fig set, but that bike is awful IMHO, I'm not a huge fan of choppers.
    they couldn't use the design built by classified moto?
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    The show ain’t as good as it was, but I still like it. Negan I can handle better when he’s not doing his never ending speeches geeeeze they are annoying, that was actually my 1st dislike of the show. Ironically last season or half season, whatever it was of FTWD, I actually liked, watched all the rest, but well it was boring as ,,,,,: only watched it because it was a spin off, on its own never would have lasted as long as I did. ... Congrats Ange on your Daryl figure, ;)
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