difficulty spending XP quickly enough?

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often enough I find myself not even logging in waiting for a weapon or armor to upgrade.
I play for a bit, spend XP to upgrade something, play some more, xp bin is full, log off.
this happens to me every single day, unless of course I just did a training grounds upgrade

my suggestion would be to add "waiting slots" to the Workshop and Training grounds like in the hospital.
don't mess with how much XP is earned, or the costs to perform upgrades, that's ok.
the times could be lowered a bit IMHO, to be more in line with the time it takes to upgrade characters. why does it take 3 times as long to upgrade a weapon VS training a character?

If I have a full XP bin, which happens quite often when grinding challenge missions for like an hour, I'd like to be able to spend it and continue playing instead of stopping to wait for something to upgrade until I can spend more.
would be nice to be able to spend a ton of XP at once, have some stuff/characters in the queu waiting to upgrade, while earning more.

the code could probably be easily ported from the hospital.


  • TreseriousTreserious Member Posts: 69
    Always with this, almost every day.

  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    Just give it time. You're still in the beginning stages of the game. Eventually, if you keep playing, the cost of everything will go way up and you will find yourself constantly not having enough XP and too many supplies.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Once you begin to level up you'll start to see this less and less.
    I remember there are at a couple different player lvls where I had this happen often but like I said, once you level up some more you'll see this very rarely.
    It's handy to always hang on to some gold for a few things, including times like this so you can speed up an upgrade so you can begin another & continue to collect xp.
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  • TreseriousTreserious Member Posts: 69
    still happening.
    they need to do more of those 1 second upgrade events, cuz I can't seem to spend the XP fast enough, and refuse to play lest I miss out on XP rewards.
    3 times today it maxxed out and had to wait for something to finish upgrading.
    once a good chunk was spent was able to run like 10-12 challenge missions, then full again. used up all my gold from the herd and from 3-4 achievements to speed things up, yet still I find myself full of xp and nowhere to spend it.
    it took me less than 2 days to level up like 9 heroes (from lvl 10 to 11, yes still a noob), but at 70k xp a pop, that's still over 600k xp.
    since the beginning of the weekend I've probably spent more than a million XP, ran like 38 missions (been catching up on hard and nightmare that I ignored for a while), 40+ challenge missions, and the five season 8 ep 1 missions that were reset.

    I really think "waiting" slots on the workshop and training grounds would be a great addition to the game for the times that this occurs.
    spend XP, queue up some level ups and item upgrades and keep playing.

    I have the gas, I have missions I can do, I have the inclination, and the time as work is DEAD, but I gotta wait for crap to upgrade.
  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    When I said to "give it time" I thought it went without saying that I was talking about a time frame longer than 3 days
  • TreseriousTreserious Member Posts: 69
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    I'm not the most patient man.
    can you blame someone for wanting to play rather than wait on crap to upgrade?

    and I'd rather it not interfere with my ability to complete daily quests.
  • TreseriousTreserious Member Posts: 69
    the fact that this happens at all shows an imbalance in the game, albeit temporary.
    why would the devs want a disincetive keeping people from playing?
    what with the update to the daily quests system I am certain the opposite is true, giving rewards to daily play.

    many gamers, casual or hardcore aren't exactly the most patient lot. how many have given up on this game in frustration?

    the easiest solution is waiting slots without tinkering with everything else.
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,541
    @Treserious you can use your weapons/gear as "xp banks". Granted you won't get as much back as you spend but instead of having a maxed cap of xp (thus not earning any more) simply upgrade something so that you have more xp to accumulate. Down the road you can sell it for a fraction of the costs but at least you'll have some xp "banked"

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  • TreseriousTreserious Member Posts: 69
    I think you may have missed my point.
    I play, max my xp, then use it to upgrade something, and it gets maxxed again before the upgrade is complete, thus leaving me unable to do anything but wait.
  • TreseriousTreserious Member Posts: 69
    edited December 2017
    so this morning I had full XP.
    spent 58k on an armor upgrade, was down to 142k-ish.
    did 4 friggin challenge missions, and the XP is full again, and I didn't even grab the 24hr gas 2x-xp bundle.
    on mission 5, got this reward. all that XP is being wasted.
    now to wait the 4 hours remaining on the upgrade, so I can spend more XP in order to keep playing.

    It's not like normal ppl can schedule their lives around friggin workshop upgrades...
    this is getting tiresome. the game is broken as this keeps happening.


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