Screen goes black

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Since the update, this sometimes happens when moving the screen to shoot wall walkers or when scrolling for items in the trade shop.


Edit: Also happening on survivor selection screen.

Requires closing and restarting to unfreeze.

Playing on Android.

@Shteevie @Fearofabotplanet


  • Same here
  • OK, so I think I've had this bug on pretty much every possible screen now.

    It makes it impossible to scroll through anything let alone play the game and is going to become pretty infuriating pretty quickly due to constantly restarting and hoping it doesn't recur immediately, which it often does. Can we at least get an acknowledgement that it is being looked at?
  • Hi everybody. My first post. Unfortunately I have the same problem.
  • Maybe some more informations. Playing on Android. It happens always when scrolling the screen for example choosing survivors for a team, scrolling the radio-tent screen or the trade good shop screen. Also happend as @Mabiki said when shooting the wall walkers. Hope you all can understand my English.
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @Mabiki have you tried clearing the app cache? Reminds me of the darker survivor for android issue, clearing the app cache solves that issue 99.9% of the time. The .1% is uninstalling and reinstalling the app (I only recommend this if your game is linked to google play for android or Game Center for iOS.)

    If you’ve already tried to clear the app cache, please contact support via in game help menu. Click settings (gear icon), help, contact us. Sending in game support request provides additional information to figure out what’s going on.
  • @zbot

    Coincidentally, I am having the darkened survivor issue. Already tried clearing the cache to no avail, so guess I'll contact support if the blackouts continue. None so far today, but some survivors still look wonky. That issue doesn't really bother me though.
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @mabiki , you may need to clear the app cache multiple times and also turn the device off and on. Another forum user had similar issues and it took couple times for everything to clear out. After clearing the app cache the other user had to select the survivors to see the change, I can't find the thread right now but I'll post a link once I find it later.
  • @Mabiki if you get an answer from support it would be kind you could write the solution in here. I still have the same problems as you. Thanks a lot.
  • I will be contacting support today. I didn't have any black screen issues yesterday, but today it is back and is preventing me from making any radio calls. I'll let you know. I've already tried clearing the cache and restarting/powering down my device multiple times.

  • Thank you @Mabiki. I tried to clear the cache too several times, even with a security app that includes cache cleaning. That helps just for some time and then the same problems come back.
    Hope they find a solution so that we don´t need to reinstall...
  • This is what I got @Kwansa
    Support said:

    Hi survivor,

    Glad you could reach out to me!

    I'm sorry to hear that you've run into this trouble. I'm happy to tell you that our development team is already aware of this issue and working on it. We hope to have it fixed as soon as possible, so hang in there!

    Still, we appreciate it very much that you reported this to us. It's thanks to helpful players like you who help us to make sure that the game is always working smoothly.

    In the meantime, stay safe out there!

  • OK thanks @Mabiki sounds the problem doesn´t depends on my device or the update-download. So let´s wait what they find out. It doesn´t destroys my gameplay but always shut down and cleaning cache is just annoying.
  • MabikiMabiki Member

    Forgot to take a screen of my reply to the customer service survey that followed. No matter how annoyed I am, I can't be too rude to customer service - they are just the messenger, and I have had that shitty job myself, in the insurance industry no less, where it matters much more than this game.

    But as I said on the survey, the lack of actual resolution or proactive communication is maddening.

    Still, perspective matters. I once had to seek special permission to violate company privacy/verification rules so I could tell a woman that her fiancee dropped her from their joint vehicle policy a week before he left her at the altar, just so she would know she definitely needed to buy some car insurance of her own.

  • First of all welcome @Kaz in the community.

    Now that we have you from the support team here in the forum maybe you can tell me and @Mabiki if a solutions of the problem above will come "soon".

    Thanks for your help
  • KazKaz Administrator
    Hey Kwansa! Thanks a lot! :)

    Regarding the problem, it seems that some Android devices which has the system version below 5.0 are experiencing this sad issue. :(

    It should be fixed in the upcoming update, if not, please, let me know (or the support, because we both forward to the same team, haha).

    And I know it sucks waiting for the resolution, but it's a process we should follow since for every update we need to send first it to Google, wait for an approval and then release it.

    Hope it helps somehow, mate! And sorry for the trouble. :~
  • Thanks @Kaz

    to hear that the Problem is not forgotten becalms me.

    I can live with it, it just sucks when I try to change my attacking team and then the screen goes black and I have to restart my device.

    So I wait excitedly for the next update B)

    Thanks again for the promt response :)
  • Hey, thanks @Kaz. That's at least a little more info than I got from support the last time I bugged them for failing to follow up on this issue.
  • KwansaKwansa Member
    Hey @Kaz just to give you a feedback. I can only speak for me, but since the update the problem seems to be solved. Thanks to the dev-team. Maybe @Mabiki has made the same experiences?
  • MabikiMabiki Member
    I haven't had any black screen issues since the last update either. I still have the game crashing sometimes, but nowhere near as bad.
  • MabikiMabiki Member
    Just for the record, I'm having black screen issues again. So far it's only on the camp screen rather than survivor selection or weapon screen like before. It's infrequent enough that it's not the same level problem it used to be, but it has been happening about once a day for the last week or so.

    @Kwansa Are you still problem free, as far as this goes?
  • KwansaKwansa Member
    @Mabiki Yes since the update I am free of this problem. But I have the same as you mentioned above, that the game sometimes crashes and immediatelly restarts. Maybe it causes of a bad wifi connection and I have to say that it happens very rarely.
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    Eu tenho a tela preta depois de assistir vídeos quando deveria carregar o campo ou baús, sempre preciso fechar o jogo e reiniciar
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