Heath : DOA

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Where is this guy? Last we saw, he escaped with the car that he and Tara had taken for the supply run (S07) No news of him yet!
Did he get bit? Is he still alive?
Did the showrunners totally forget about him?
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    The showrunners said he will be back. He was off doing his own show. Now that that show is canceled, they will be bringing Heath back. I think they said next season.
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    I wonder if Heath will come back as a badass? He was kinda a nice guy. Really reminded me of how I think I would be in a real event as this. He couldn’t stick the knife in the sleeping Saviors heads. He had a strong moral compass. Kinda annoyed me though. The fact if you don’t wanna suffer, or become a z, or become a slave worker to some murderous group, or the unthinkable like in Terminus, you have to become a merciless killer without a flinch in your heart.

    I hate when someone’s fighting with that instinct for compassion, mercy, and forgiveness, to a person or group, that will do the unthinkable to you and your group.
    Just accept you need to be a heartless killer, and kill those that need it, befriend those that don’t.

    Really hoping Heath comes back with that mindset.
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    @Overgrowdaworld if you watch just before he went missing, he kind of started to develop those feelings. Maybe not quite to the level you are talking about. But i could definantly see the beginning stages of exactly what you're describing here.

    Maybe even a little worse? Maybe he starts to enjoy it?
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    Wouldn’t that be something? I hope he does.

    Imagine this: If Heath found a camp that was as smart and as ruthless as the Saviors, but as honorable and good hearted like Ricks crew. Warrior/fighters that are badass in hand to hand combat and proficient in weapons. Has all the military equipment with planes and boats.. Everything.
    Just as Rick and everybody he loves is about to die, being surrounded by an army of Saviors, an army with Heath at the forefront encircles all of them. With hummers with 55 cals’ on the roofs, and military transport vehicles and fighters just pour out the backs armed to the teeth. Rick smashes in Negans head with Lucille after making him cut pieces off of Simon in front of everybody.

    Then all theSaviors, that are alive anyway, are forced to labor for them. The end. Lol
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    Lol you have quite the imagination. Rick and co. Aren’t really the type of people to have slaves though. Everyone except for Jesus would just rather kill them all. Jesus wants to hang out and go to dinner and a movie with the saviors.

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