Daily Quests

Anyone knows if they are totaly random?
The only one that worry me are:
Challenge and Distance ones.
If a player goes to far in both and we get a daily to do them we wont be able to finish it.
Is there any "security" implemented to avoid that?
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    I believe they are random.
    There's a couple of threads you might want to check out. (Use your search tool)

    Regarding the Complete Challenge Missions & The Distance Mission.
    This has been discussed a little in another thread. This is a link to what I said;


    *edit to add;
    As daily quests are reset at the same time The Distance starts, this won't be a problem.
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    I have had similar thoughts on the Challenge, I have had "Win Challenge missions" in my Daily Quests for the last couple of days.
    The only way i can see around it is pace yourself its what I'm doing (wonders if thats the plan by NG)

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