Play to forget both the appointment

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Play to forget both the appointment
Because of her game that I have missed a date with your girl's Christmas play. of course she was angry with me. Now it is the fault of the game itself has "charm" I or do I myself here?!!!
Haizzz... anyway, when the girls sulking that also really tired


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    ...pretty girls makes graves?
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    @Dolores, he missed his daughter's Christmas play because he was playing NML. His daughter was angry with him, and he's getting tired of her sulking. He's asking whether it's the game's fault because it's so engrossing, or whether it's his own fault.

    It would seem that English is not his first language. Matching pronouns to antecedents in person and gender may not be a normal feature of his language. The word "both" isn't the right word for expressing whatever he means to express by it. Sometimes in his language you can assume a subject or a verb without making them explicit, which is not quite as normal in English. Etc.

    In all seriousness I think he's done a very good job expressing himself in English, which is a very difficult language for non-native speakers. But back to the actual topic:

    I'm going to say it's your own fault, Adam. It's your own fault.
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    Now THAT you couldn’t of said better yourself @Pig .
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    Does anyone know what Haizzz means? I looked it up and can’t find it on Google. When I type it in it brings me to this post.
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    Does anyone know what Haizzz means? I looked it up and can’t find it on Google. When I type it in it brings me to this post.

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    Wow. That actually meant a cool way of saying hello. Indeed, you have a strong Google Fu.
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    I got a “wif” mug for your sister-in- law for X-Mas and it smelled like your peener.
    Alrighty, I’m gonna play to forget both the appointment now.
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