Radio Tent - seriously?!



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    @OldGoth that's great news. In the meantime a survivor weekend would be great! I have phones piling up.
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    It would be nice to have a team full of leg but that's where tactics come in to play, protecting weaker survivors. Even when you get leg, they will top out and you'll have to replace them.
  • alan4767alan4767 Member Posts: 4
    I've got two leg's and they support the rest
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,409
    @OldGoth Any news on if the update the Radio Tent ever took place? I don't remember seeing anything about that. Thanks!
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    Lol ya radios change (and gold and gas and gear) has been implemented. Problem is it's gotten worse. I seem to get stuff much less than before. Or maybe with all that's going on there isn't much to peak my interest. No "Oh WOW look what I got!" Moments any more ..............
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    I used more than 300 radios and received only 2 worth keeping epic survivors. This whole radio thing is really messed up
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    I think that in a game where characters have the potential to be lost forever, and where updates constantly make your lower capped survivors obsolete, it should be easier to get epic and legendary-- or you should at least be able to "tune" your radio tent to only pull a certain type so even if you get rares, they're of the class you actually play with. If great characters can be lost, they need to balance that with easier replacement. By the time I get a full set of characters that meet the current cap they raise it and I have to scrap them and collect more phones.
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    I'm desperately holding out for another legendary weekend survivor event. I'm hoarding all my radios but it's getting tough going. And I've noticed there's not as many radios to be found now :-/
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    Use your trade goods for gold chests if you want 4 phones a hit.....over 40 chests now and close to half have been 4 phones, the other 1/4 were rares and I pulled 1 epic scout weapon and a few food/xps, but very few.

    Hope you get the phones
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  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    Got my radio tent maxed again & sitting on about 567 radios & counting just hoping we get a radio event again soon, need to replace 1 epic lvl 16 hunter the rest are fine for now but have 17 epic/ legendary that go to 17+ & 4 empty slots so always room for improvement lol
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    OldGoth said:

    A new version of the radio calls is being worked on. I think you'll like it. Details to follow.

    sorry for thread digging, but i'm curious... what happened to the changes of the radio calls? any update there? many expected them to come with the outpost update...

  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    From earlier today:
    OldGoth said:

    We're not going to detail it until we know when it's going to be out, but I can tell that it's not the next update, but rather the next bigger thing on the horizon. I really hoped it would've been this update, but the rollback situation and Outposts bugs have been a priority.

  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Almost 4 months from announcement about new radio system. We need this shiny new update! Please...
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    I played games before where if you reached certain purchase levels you got a Legendary character. Basically, spend x amount of money you get all this. Spend x more, you get even better stuff. Or just buy enough crystals/gold/gems which you could use to buy your way to the top, the end, whatever.
    Then hopefully these people realized what a waste because then they were bored out of their minds.
    I played another game where a bug allowed me to buy everything the game had to offer. I was so excited i bought it all and played for 2 hrs. Then there was nothing "unknown" or unbeatable for me & never played it again. I was just not interested even though i had all the cool shizz.
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    @theRealBender I agree with your theory and I don't need all the shiny new stuff sooner than ecpected, but I feel it's wrong that some people have better survivors because they got them before they changed the lvl of the rescued survivors from missions. I missed out on some of those very high Lvl assaults by about a week.
    Last week I rescued a lvl 11 warrior (think) from a nightmare mode. He only thought I saved his ass.
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