NG: Stop giving me crap gear in Supply Scavenges!!

As I've stated before, and as NG has declared they wanted, I will run Gear missions for gear, Supply missions for supplies, etc. I am really pissed that the vast majority of gold and silver crates in supply scavenge crates have been rare or uncommon gear (in 1 case epic) of my level or below. I don't want that garbage, especially when I am specifically looking for supplies! It defeats the whole damn purpose.

I can't believe I'm still asking about this. @Shteevie said they'd "monitor" the situation or whatever, months ago, and I'm sick of asking and waiting! @Fearofabotplanet @Teeceezy @Shteevie PLEASE FIX THIS NOW! It's alienating people running supply missions, and for no good reason!

Please reply.


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    I’ll add this to the mix:
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    Couldn’t agree with you more @General_Quatre

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    But then I wouldnt get this one

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    @General_Quatre Very much agree! On top of this, I find it extremely annoying when you get a silver and a gold crate and both contain green scrap. I even had one mission where I got level 23 green scrap in the silver crate and level 22 green scrap in the gold crate. So not only did I miss out on ~100k supplies, I actually got less exp from the gold crate than I did the silver!
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    While I get this frustration it also gives Frags. I raged out on double supplies and went from level 20-23 in past two weeks. I spent hours this weekend to do it and over 10k gold. That being said I did pull 7 Epic Frags from crates. If they changed the crates to give only supplies I would have missed out on these Frags. In fact making it tougher to get frags if they are only offered in Missions.....

    I did notice tho on double XP that you tend to get less gear in there than you do in Supplies.

    Becareful what you wish for overall because almost all my good frags have come from scavenge missions.
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    @Drunken NG could offer a badge scavenge mode which would alleviate this problem.
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    I doubt they would do this as badges are random and hard to find. Plus how many players would actually play this? I have never done gear scavenge because there is little point in doing it. That being said I would like to see Supply scavenge geared towards supplies a little more than it is.

    The last two weeks I have probably ran over 1k scavenge missions for Supplies and XP I will say it is easier to get XP from XP mission than Supplies from Supply, so IDK how they work their ratios for each. It is something they should def look into just not guarantee all gold is supply/xp but rather a higher % of it being that.

    Also I learned you can get epic frags from silver crates. I got 4 or 5 epic frags in silver crates this weekend :)
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    Badge frags, while not necessarily something I'm looking, are okay ON OCCASION. Honestly, even an occasional gear drop is not the end of the world, but not in silver or gold crates! And ESPECIALLY not 75%+ of the time in a scavenge mission designed especially to farm supplies

    Level 22 rare in a scavenge gold crate? Are you even serious right now? And the "but what about the 1 time in 1,000 where you get usable, level-appropriate, legendary gear with good traits" argument is I'm sorry, I don't want to run dozens of supply scavenges, wade through endless (s)crap, and maybe get 1 piece of decent gear. I have TG Shop or Gear Scavenge for that express purpose.

    @Shteevie @Teeceezy @Fearofabotplanet please weigh in on this thread, a lot of people are passionate about it and it needs to be adjusted. I think you know this.
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    I could taken 100s of these photos to, but after leveling council 2x, TG 2x, Workshop 2x, Hospital 1x, Mission Car 1x, Walker pit 4x, tent 5x. I was over 106m Supplies just from this weekend alone.

    The double supplies is still very good you gain over 100k supplies on average per mission. In the photo you showed you got 115k supplies from doing the mission possibly more if you had Glenn in lead, plus 2 radios that is a good pull IMO.

    That is still a better ratio if you are on double XP and doing XP missions. Which I did that a ton as well to take toons from 20-23 this weekend plus level a couple pieces of gear.

    This is a business and I think many forget that part of leveling is the grind. I realize not everyone can grind 30 plus hours, but the double supply is similar to the double XP. Which is fair IMO
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    Sure, but there's no benefit to anyone substituting more supplies for gear no one wants.
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    But you have to understand from a business standpoint. Supplies are by far easier to obtain than XP. They have bundles that increase with price for full supplies. If they made supplies give 80k gold crates on double weekend no one would ever buy the bundle.

    While I get your frustration and it would have saved me literally hours this weekend I get why it is set up how it is. For me I suppose I cant complain I rocked out 106m supplies on double while grabbing several epic frags, 240 radios, and 2 pieces of legendary gear I will use. (Got more but wont use)
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,553

    Interested to see your input and/or if you have some numbers. I think on average with mission/crates and Governor as lead I averaged around 120k supplies a mission with 21 toons.
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    If you are on unlimited gas, in my opinion, it's more beneficial to go with governor. Maggie is best if you aren't on unlimited gas and can farm a mission to 100 kills. Same goes for Glenn regarding farming.

    On unlimited gas the goal is to get in and out as quick as possible. Kill your 10 walkers and hope for a silver or gold chest with the scavenger reward type you were playing for.

    IMO training gear at 30% has sort of replaced maggie in the sense that you can use governor and still use training gear. Maggie for me is lvl 4 which is 35% bonus xp per kill. Silver training gear is 30%. If you have a farming team like myself (I have lvl 23 walkers facing RSL 24 on scavenger) i barely even get hit let alone take any damage.

    On unlimited gas I use Governor, another assault and a scout. All 3 have gear that I've upgraded the first trait only that has training gear. Maggie would give me 35%, training gear instead gives me 30%. If I used Maggie then i'd have 65% bonus xp but I take Governor instead (who is lvl 4 also and gives 18% bonus to chests.)

    So my kills are giving 30% bonus (instead of 35% using Maggie) and my chests are giving 18% bonus. on a 5K bronze chest it's a bonus 900 if I pull xp. on a 10K silver chest it's a bonus 1800 xp. on a 20K gold chest it's a bonus 3600 xp.

    If I am speed farming and get 10 kills that would be let's say 600 xp each, that's 6K xp on kills. Plus add in 1980 for 30% training gear silver trait) on training gear that's 7980 total. Let's say I get 3 bronze xp (using governor) I'm getting 15K base plus 18% = 2700 = 17700 xp. This is a total of 19,680 for a 30 second farm kill of 10 normal walkers with governor and all 3 having silver training gear.

    If I am speed farming and get 10 kills that would be let's say 600 xp each, that's 6K xp on kills. Plus add in 35% for maggie and 30% for training gear) = 3900 bonus xp = 9900 xp for kills. Let's say I get 3 bronze xp (using maggie) I'm getting 15K base xp. 15K + 9900 = 24,900 xp.

    In the above sequence it would appear that using Maggie is best. But if you hit a silver or gold that's where your bonus comes from.

    Maggie - 9900 XP from kills + 60K from 3 gold chests = 69,900 XP
    Governor - 7980 XP from kills + 60K from 3 gold chests + 18% = 78,780 XP

    I prefer Governors spread kill from an assault weapon plus since I'm speed farming for supplies anyway it helps kill things faster.

    If I wasn't on unlimited gas and I wanted to max out at 100 it's more beneficial to use Governor.

    Also Governor is useless if farming distance to 100 as well as farming outposts. So in distance and outposts I use Maggie, in early challenges and in scavenger I use Governor.

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    Drunken said:

    This is a business and I think many forget that part of leveling is the grind. I realize not everyone can grind 30 plus hours, but the double supply is similar to the double XP. Which is fair IMO

    Just a minor quibble on this. The "double supplies" weekend event is by far better than the "double XP from kills" weekend event. We only get XP from one source: kills. We get double supplies from farms, mission rewards and after mission crates. So the supply output is much more prevalent than the XP output.

    So I can't agree that they are similar. I can do nothing and still benefit from the supplies event. The same can't be said for the XP event.
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    I was referring to double XP booster you buy. The output from farming for both is similar
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