Intro Discussion

Its been over a month since I started this. I thought it was going to be another boring camping game, but I like SRPGs. The question I have is what was Joel, Ann, and Ken doing at Terminus. Are they supposed to be promo characters because Joel is seen in the trailers.

Also it would be nice if we could change classes with the survivors.


  • I don't have any of them, maybe I just got generics who I scrapped early on... that was back when each survivor had a "maximum level". The higher the rarity of the person the higher up you could level them.
  • Joel, Ann and Ken are unique character models only found at the beginning of the game. Once you retire them from your roster, the models are never cycled through again.

    When the game was initally released, all survivors had a level cap, so for most players, your orginal 3 were scrapped early on in favor of more desirable ones.

    But since the level cap was removed, its at least possible for newer players to retain these 3, and hope the revealed traits make them worth keeping around.

    I'm curious to see anyone's screen shots of these originals still around, snd leveled up.
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