Lost badge - possible duplicate badge bug

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The game lost a badge I created

I created a badge and then couldn't find it in my inventory. I reported it to support, who say the badge exists and is equipped on one of my survivors. Now,

1. That survivor already had four badges and still only has four badges
2. I reported the problem as soon as I created (and couldn't find) the badge. I never assigned it to anybody.

At the very least, this means a bug in the game that automatically equips badges on random survivors. I think a more reasonable explanation is that crafting created a badge I already had (and had equipped on that survivor) and that the code doesn't allow for that. Having created the badge, it already had a place in my inventory and the game left it at that. So I effectively wasted the components I spent on the badge.

That sucks.

More detail

I only became able to make badges a few weeks ago. Up till now, I've never had a Rare badge fragment and I was interested to see what I'd get from all rare components. I was a little disappointed (but not surprised, because I've read the crafting thread) to get only a simple Uncommon badge. I can remember that it was for the right-hand (3 O'Clock) slot, that it was either Damage or Critical Damage and had no bonus condition. I didn't commit the details to memory because I thought it would be in my inventory. But then I couldn't find it.

Because I couldn't find it, I reported the problem to support. They said they'd checked the logs, which did record the badge I'd made, and that it was equipped to "Maria".

Maria has four badges. She already had four badges. I know that because I waited till I had four badges of the same set before I equipped anybody. I gave her the four badges. She's still the only survivor with more than 2 badges. She still only has four badges. The badge in her 3 O'Clock slot does look like the one I crafted last night (but I can't swear to it because I didn't commit the details perfectly to memory).

I explained this to support. Apparently the logs list the creation of that badge and she has it. According to support, the logs don't show how many badges she had before (possibly the logs don't record badge assignment or they don't go far back enough, I don't know).

Given this information and knowing that I didn't assign the latest badge to Maria (who already had four badges), knowing from both reading the crafting thread and from experience that the badge created from any given set of components is random, I think it's reasonable to assume that

1. The game created a badge I already had
2. The game doesn't properly handle that
3. As a result, I wasted a badge fragment and four components

Which I class as a bug.

Since I don't commit my badge inventory to memory, if the game had randomly created a badge I already possessed but hadn't equipped, I wouldn't even have spotted it. I wonder how many other people that might have effected.

Sucks to have lost 5 rare components.


  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
    Thinking about it, it's possible this bug only happens when the random-badge-creation code duplicates a badge that is equipped, not one that is unassigned. But I have no way of testing this (without sinking huge amounts of money into the game). Hopefully the devs can duplicate the issue.
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