Is Helen Waite in charge of the complaint department?

My wife is about done with this game if she doesn't get at the very least a response and acknowledgement that there is an issue of her game force closing during scavenging. I see other posts of complaints, concerns or just questions that appear to have no response or a note that the question has been answered. Yet there is no answer posted. Since often many players are having similar issues how about posting the solution or plans to resolve the issue. That way others can know what is going on but most importantly know what someone gives a crap enough to give a meaningful genuine response.
I am loving this game but uncaring customer service is the fasted way to kill any business venture. So please don't tell us to be patient until Helen Waite contacts us, show us we are valued customers.


  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,474
    @Chiefkeo if she hasn’t done so, please have your wife Contact in game support. Click settings (gear icon), help, FAQ, contact us. That’s the best way to resolve issues. The forum is a great resource but doesn’t replace support.

    FYI: Regarding the Q & A threads on the forum any response on the thread marks it as answered.
  • ChiefkeoChiefkeo Member Posts: 164
    She has been there done that and was told it was being referred on. Now the issue is affecting playing of season 8 mission. I understand it takes time to resolve issues but maybe smoothing out existing bugs needs to come before game modification. Also the often canned and seemingly lackadaisical respond leaves a bad taste in players mouths. They need to feel that their input is valued and that there is a sense of urgency to dealing with the troubles.
  • ChiefkeoChiefkeo Member Posts: 164
    But I do thank you for your timely, courteous and I felt genuine response, that's all people want. Thank you.
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