Lots of rounds, and more players stopping.One less in the overall top.

After 2 years of play and over 90 thousand
stars, I will stop playing because the current challenges are very tiring,
are many rounds at low levels, the challenge only gets good after 30.35 rounds.
For veteran challenge players this very annoying.

I hope the challenges are attractive for a day to come back, without having to spend hours and days on the grind.

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  • I'm in the crowd for a less tiring challenge.
  • @Drunken In my system, the leaderboard is calculated only with a player's top 30 rounds of successful challenge play. You get no stars until you start to play challenges, even if you skip all the way to level 30. Competitive players interested in the leaderboard would choose to start at a level that allows them to complete at least 30 rounds.

    30 rounds are my suggestion, but you could pick any reasonable number of rounds for the leaderboard.

    If NG is concerned about giving away too many guild star rewards or even player star rewards, they could do the same calculation. A player and the guild only get stars for the top 30 rounds a player completes.

    Round passes are a design band-aid only necessary because of a bad challenge design. Let us start where we want to start. Some weeks I would like to start the challenge at mission level 28, other weeks I would want to play much more and thus start at a lower level. If I am playing on a gas booster, maybe I want to start at a really low level to get the after mission box rewards. Many people would say that beats the heck out of scavenging the same maps for XP, supplies or equipment.
  • NG could use the story missions as challenges. And give better rewards.
  • Could have option of you did 2000 star in the last challenge, could start with 1000 something of the genre, similar to the cycles of the outposts.
  • @nadecir

    But that doesn't work. IDK any guild that doesn't want to earn stars. So by just doing the 30 rounds and being done limits star count and that is something no one wants. They aren't mad at earning stars they are mad at how long it takes to earn them. With round passes you still earn the stars as you complete rounds. I think the goal and what should be in the intent is lowering the # of maps while assuring players are earning same or similar rewards as a guild.

    Like I said the 3 round passes lower the grind an additional 14% just not for me because formula works else where. Right now we are grinding 20% less with 5 round.
  • My system works because to earn more stars, you have to press to higher levels to get even bigger round bonuses. Finishing a new round after a player completes 30 rounds will continue to add stars because the after round bonus at the higher levels will be higher than your lowest completed round.

    If you want to limit the grind while having a competitive leaderboard, you have to limit the number of rounds for the leaderboard. Either you have to grind to get on the leaderboard, or there is a limit to the number of rounds that a player must play to be on it. Take your pick.

    Round passes are adding more complexity to an over-complicated mess of a challenge system. Even with 3 rounds per round pass, it's a grind for me. Obviously, 3 round per round pass doesn't work for NG either, or they would implement it permanently.

    How many development hours have been invested designing today's complicated challenge system that still doesn't meet the needs of many players? The simple solution is more often the right way to go.
  • @LootHoarder
    Concur w/ both points. Inflation & Leader board. I used to change my country often to see where my peers ranked in their countries.
    Formerly w/ Global Angels.
    Back w/ DTP.
    Staying plugged in w/ the forum for a good dose of daily entertainment .
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  • @Muzz

    As a newish player I can assure you that a lot of new players will never reach max. The amount of time and effort to max out for someone starting is beyond insane. If you think you have it bad trying to do distance and get stars think of a player who has to earn what 500m supplies to hit max in addition to everything else.

    If it wasn't for my guild I would have quit the game long ago, but because I enjoy them I wanted to reach max. I continued to play and I grinded 30+ hours on double supply weekend to hit 23 toons. Literally 30 hours of pure grind in 3 days that was along with distance, challenge, finishing story mode,
  • nadecir said:

    Any comment from NG about the challenge situation would be appreciated by the players. Even if it's we don't plan to change anything - sorry. Or we have plans to improve things, but it will take a few weeks to implement.

    I submit the best plan for both the players and NG would be to let a player choose where to start the challenge. Make the leaderboard reflect only the stars from the players highest X number of rounds, maybe their highest 25-30 rounds. if a player wants to grind for rewards, they can grind from level 1 if they want. If a player just wants to play a few tough rounds, they can start the challenge at a more difficult level. If a player is competitive, they will play the required number of rounds for the leaderboard.

    There is no one challenge solution that fits all type of players.

    Last NG comment on this topic has been unfortunately on 2.9 update notes. Game is dying and they don't care.
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  • @S100200 Would you do a video of scrapping your 10 star survivors for quitting the game like this:
  • DadaDada Member
    Our guild lost one member this week too... Can't you guys find a way to make the Challenge both challenge (to high lvl players) and appealing (to low lvl and new players)? Some enjoy the 3 round passes - it is gone... someone care to explain why?
  • Would it be feasible to have a hard And normal mode like in the distance and scavenging? More Stars earned per rounnd in hard mode?
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