Well it's Groundhog Day, again...

The return of the dreaded vanilla flavoured challenge reminds me of the great movie Groundhog Day, but not in a good way. Although most of us agree that it would be great to be Bill Murray with a happy end on the horizon, in this iteration of it, we are the two guys he meets in the bar, who come to the conclusion they are also living the same day, every day, but without hope of any change.
At least we all can console ourselves that only the end player portion of the community is the two guys, the lower levels can still dream to be Murray and not be antagonized (yet)...


  • MurdoqueMurdoque Member Posts: 67
    It seems fitting in two ways to dust off this thread. Today is the 25th birthday of said epic movie - Yeah! But it is also the eve of the return of the regular "challenge" grind - Booohhh!
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