Choose Your Hero Call

Why not have a 50 or 75 radio call (I know thats a steep price) for guaranteed Hero call where you select which Hero you want

Im sure most of the calls would result in 32 tokens but thats the risk you take for being able to get a specific Hero

It would give players a chance to progress the way they want to from a Hero Perspective

Encourage Pay to Play customers a chance to buy more radios, a win win

Make it happen NG !



  • Well it would be a risk but you are able to progress the Hero of your choosing when you want to.

    Sometimes you just need 32 tokens to get that next trait upgrade, or make a hero pink.

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  • Hmmmmm...

    How about no ? :#
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    I have a better option. Why not just give a bundle for £10,000 which allows you to just buy a fully upgraded hero. Just dispense with the silliness around RNG, radios and tokens.
  • The thing about it is, you should allow options for multiple playstyles, this game will never be a one style fits all approach, why no the idea of allowing someone to do this if they want to? It wouldnt force anyone to do it, just like nobody is forced to spend 25 radio calls but some choose to do.
  • Well if i spend 50 or 70 radios in just one radio call, at least the rewards should be start in 128 hero tokens and be able to keep with the three rewards options
  • The amount of radios it takes for the call and the amount of tokens can be adjusted but the primary thought is an increase cost radio call where you select specifically the hero tokens you want to build. This call would be available all the time not on a special event basis.
  • Yes the numbers need to be adjusted, but some people would really like his feature if they did it right
  • I would like to see better radio bundles for sure. Why pay 10 bucks on 35 radio phones only, when you can spend the same amount on another bundle that offers 1000 gold, 2000 trade goods, 60 radio calls, and a weapon or gear? Doesn't make much sense. Instead why not make it 2.99 for 35 radio calls if nothing else is being offered with it.
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