Neverending level 4 The Distance

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Hello, I think there is an error in the mission The Distance, in normal level 4 says that you have to kill all the walkers to pass the level, but they do not stop coming out more and more and I had to flee, sacrificing a member of my team to finish the level.


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    You have to kill all of the initial walkers, before the spawn.. If you don’t, you have to kill all of the spawn before a new spawn! Essentially have to have zero walkers left on the screen to pass it!
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    Best to take atleast one Assult with you on most maps in The Distance. Specially this one. It's not a bug, you just need to kill all walkers and get out before the next spawn.
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  • StillAliveStillAlive Member Posts: 2
    Aaah! Ok, thank u
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    On the challage close the gate round 4
    Was messing about killing all the walkers when bam
    I got hit bye heavy walkers at lvl 19 witch I should of killed easy with a couple of shots from my lvl 22 assault rifle men u think
    2 shots not a chance
    10 heaveys to start with hit them the first time then that spawned and there was double the amount hit them again still no luck then the whole area was full of them had no chance killed in seconds
    Think there is a glitch here I should of killed them without any problems
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