NO Ads now on TWO devices.

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During the last Challenge I would try to watch an ad on my Galaxy Core Prime cell phone and I would get a black screen. After that no more ads. I thought it was just my phone having issues because ads were working fine on my Galaxy Tab A tablet. Today though, I watch ONE ad on my tablet and no more ads are being offered. If I force stop the game and clear cache they are back, but only one again and I have to do the same thing over.

I've been playing this game for over a year now on my cell phone and since June on my tablet and this has never happened before. Both are Samsung android devices.

Thank You
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    @anniesprinkles please try the following.

    Reset your Android advertising ID

    Step 1: Open Google Settings on your Android device by tapping on menu and then on Google Settings once all apps are displayed on the screen.

    Step 2: Locate and tap on the Ads menu under Services.

    Step 3: Tap on "reset advertising ID" on the new page. The page lists the current advertising ID on the same page.

    Step 4: Confirm the reset when the confirmation prompt is displayed. Once you reset the advertising ID, a new ID is displayed immediately on the same page. Since a new ID is assigned now, advertisers cannot link past actions anymore to the device if only the advertising ID was used for that.

    Not as simple as iOS but should work.
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    @zbot Thank you for your help so quickly!! I didn't know android had that option & your instructions worked like a charm.
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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,115
    Welcome it’s not as easy as iOS but it does work.
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    @zbot FYI, ads seem to be working on both the splash page and the rewards crates. Thanks
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    It is fairly easy on iOS

    My post from before in other forums on topic...

    This is a problem I had about 2 months ago.

    The Support Team (using the Help -^ Contact Us ^ figured out what my problem was. A change in Apple iOS privacy settings was blocking part of the process. The privacy setting was not allowing the game (or add) to inform the Play Store that I had completed the requirements. I kept the video to share with my guild when someone else mentioned the same problem.

    As for Android version, I have no clue, however that’s how I knew it was a problem on my iPad and not my account because if I logged in with my phone, the adds played and provided the crates.

    The setting they told me to look at is here;

    Apple’s latest update had switch ON the ‘Limit Add Tracking’. Once I set that to OFF I have, myself, had no further issues with adds on a regular basis.
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