Is this a game glitch

stevo1266stevo1266 Member Posts: 2
On the challage close the gate round 4
Was messing about killing all the walkers when bam
I got hit bye heavy walkers at lvl 19 witch I should of killed easy with a couple of shots from my lvl 22 assault rifle men u think
2 shots not a chance
10 heaveys to start with hit them the first time then that spawned and there was double the amount hit them again still no luck then the whole area was full of them had no chance killed in seconds
Think there is a glitch here I should of killed them without any problems


  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,376
    “Messing around killing walkers” is what triggered fattie retaliation, I’m afraid. Been like this for awhile ( it’s a farm blockage, or deterrent) :)
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Stop messing around after you kill 100 and the xp changes to 1 per kill, then the fatty flash mob won't appear
  • Mais88Mais88 Member Posts: 348
    You should have killed 20+ fatties no problem? Yeah the Tanks spawn once you kill like 150 walkers...
  • thew_robertthew_robert Member Posts: 46
    I stopped farming that gate after I couldn’t get overwatch to work. I found some good opportunities to farm in the Distance under the normal road. In several missions the walkers spawn but don’t upgrade, put three assaults on overwatch and farm ‘till the cows come home. I killed 459 on one mission, very cool.
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