Happy Opposite Day!!!!

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I'm officially declaring today Opposite Day. I have an all time winner shown below. Post your best Opposite Day entries here. I've included a detailed explanation.

Trait 1: Training Gear: I just love getting silver training gear on my Scout's armor (gold would be even better). It's best to pair this with a weapon with gold threat reduction and using Michonne in the leader position. Perfect way to maximize walker kills!

Trait 2: Bullet Dodge: Extremely lucky to get this trait for the plethora of times I take my Scout out on ranged Freemen missions. The best part is that with the limited movement of the Freemen, after I dodge the ranged attack, I can run right up to them and kill them in a single strike. Their armor is so weak it's laughable!

Trait 3: Hazard Suit: The introduction of this trait was definitely necessary and a long time in coming. I always take my Scout on missions with flaming walkers. With this I can walk right up to the opponent in flames and kill them without any loss in health. It's like having a built in fire extinguisher! This is especially useful for those hard to kill high RSL Fatties and/or Spikeys that are aflame. Just stand there and continue to get your strikes in time after time without taking any fire damage. The increased chance of body shots against these opponents is priceless.

My only wish is that Sniper Harness was available for all my melee survivors. Maybe in update 3.01.02!



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    Here's an opposite day in real life
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    Clearly there's been a mistake because it's been Opposite Day since Thursday morning (sorry Jerry). With Optimist Day being a huge success I'm afraid Pessimist Day is about to be in full swing :no_mouth:
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