Freemen move across map yet remain in overwatch. How's that possible?

I'd sure like a logical explanation why on maps where there are Freemen not only can they move across an entire map but the can do so and stay in overwatch. On Museum this week it's happened numerous times to me. The Freeman would run from top of the map to the bottom, stop a space short and I'd watch the overwatch words fly up over his head. Please explain to me how that is even possible within any parameter of this game. It also seems odd that a stunned Freeman can use retaliate or punish. Isn't the word stunned synonymous with incapacitated? I kid you not, I had a Freeman take a hit to one of my survivors and still remain in overwatch. Is this truly working as intended?


  • SteinarSteinar Content Creator Posts: 96
    Since the last update there are more and more problems with the freeman on the maps. I suspect this will be fixed with one of the next updates.

    Until then, it remains a very annoying business.

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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    NG is supposedly working on this bug. It may have gotten worse since the last update, but both the freemen extra movement and overwatch attacks have been in place for some time now. I think it is just being noticed more since we've had a lot of freemen maps lately.
  • KudukKuduk Member Posts: 99
    No wonder Museum is causing me very bad headache...ouchhh
  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 453
    Absolutely hate the Museum map, the freemen seem to have super human powers that are completely out of balance.
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  • TiddlesTiddles Member Posts: 55
    Freemens are horrible things, do not die easy and moves likes lighting
  • bunbun Member Posts: 161
    The hunter on handrails will lay waste to all that stand before him
  • zivaoliviazivaolivia Member Posts: 178
    I also don’t like how they don’t attack what is near them. This could be a walker or one of my survivors I have put close that can take a hit (good ole Abe). I watched a freeman melee run right by my Abe or my best bruiser and attack my hunter or shooter I took along for the battle. Sigh
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 1,931

    I watched a freeman melee run right by my Abe or my best bruiser and attack my hunter or shooter I took along for the battle. Sigh

    This could be called tactics though. First killing the weak to thin out the opposing forse. A lot of the time when facing freemen I also kill the scout/hunter first because they are easiest to kill (and als do serious damage).

    I've seen this before and it seems like raiders do try to finish of the weaklings first.
  • mobbiemobbie Member Posts: 154
    are we forgetting freeman coming back from dead too hit you or get two moves in one turn on run away?
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