Expected level of weapons and armor

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Currently the level of weapons and armor you receive are linked to the following:

In case of mission , it is tied to the RSL for the missions you are playing. So a RSL 21 mission would lead a weapon or armor ranging between level 20 to 22.

In case of challenge/ deluxe crates or the crates bought in the store with trading goods, it is tied to the player level. So a level 66 player can expect a level 22 weapon or armor. The crates of level 67 would always yield level 23 weapons and armor. However, the free crate may yield a level 22 weapon or armor. This is my understanding also.

I bought the gold crate for 500 trading goods yesterday and today. Both however yielded level 22 weapons. I would post the pics once I get home as they are on my tab. I had also previously purchased a gold crate for 500 trading goods and it also yielded a level 22 equipment. I did take up the issue through the ingame support, but their answer was of a routine response and of no help.

So can @Teeceezy @zbot @Fearofabotplanet provide their feedback on the level of equipment a level 67 player shall expect in different types of crates available in the trade goods store.

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    Come on, @zeeblack , don’t you prefer that it be a surprise? o:)
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    Questions asked several times without answear from NG...
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    TJS said:

    From my understanding.

    A lvl67 plyr should get guaranteed lvl23 gear the Legendary and Epic gear crates in TG shop for 7500 TG and Challenge crates are guaranteed lvl23 gear.

    All others, including the Gold & Silver crates for 500 TG are not guaranteed to give lvl23 gear.

    Such as it has been since level 20 survivors and camp level 59 was the max level possible (as far as I can recall, at least). Though it would be nice if this were communicated in game, nothing has changed as far as I can tell.
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    A gold crate bought from the TG shop for 500tg is the same gold crate you'd get as a guild gift, or a freebie on restock, or after an rsl23+ mission

    In each of those instances, if you get gear (green, blue or yellow), the level will be 22 or 23. Never guaranteed 23.

    Luckily, your player level is factored into the gear levels for those gold crates that aren't determined by mission rsl (gifts, TG shop)

    And yes, for the 3000tg epic crates and 7500tg legendary crates, at player level 67, they should always be level 23 gear. I'm fairly certain about that. (Same for challenge and deluxe crates)
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