The Ultimate Challenge is Back!

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It’s that time again, survivors - time to test your mettle and your bravery in the Ultimate Challenge!

The goal of the Ultimate Challenge is to give players a chance to face the tougher and more rewarding missions in the Challenge earlier in the week. Once you get to the good stuff, we hope you’ll embrace the opportunity to push yourself and your skills further than ever before, and face difficulty levels you didn’t know were possible! We’ve heard a lot of demand for this event, and we had a lot of feedback from the first time we ran it. We’ve considered all of the opinions from players and changed the details slightly to make this event a better experience for everyone.

Players of all levels will see these changes to the normal Challenge progression:

  - Higher starting difficulty for all players:
        - Slightly higher for players whose top Survivors are level 20 or lower
        - Significantly higher for players whose top Survivors are level 21 or higher
  - Two rounds per difficulty instead of three when difficulty is near the level of the player’s top survivors
  - Three rounds per difficulty for the highest levels in the game [26 and above]
  - Fewer Stars needed for players and Guilds to earn rewards

As extra fuel for your fire, we have also increased some rewards for this event:

  - Better chances of finding Weapons and Armor in Challenge Crates
  - Increased rewards at high star counts for players and Guilds

This Ultimate Challenge will run from January 31st to February 5th, and will take place on Memory Lane.

Take advantage of this opportunity to show your Guild what you are made of, and earn great rewards for everyone in the process!
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