So we've definitely had some unexpected Heroes this event.
Day 1 Jerry, Day 2 Rick, Day 3 Daryl and Day 4 Negan.

They did say it would be a surprise and I don't think anyone can deny it hasn't been.

So who are we going to see over the next 3 days? What's your thoughts on the Heroes so far?

I have no doubt many players are disappointed but equally I would think many are happy. I'm sure there are many who are looking to get these Heroes to Legendary or Pink.

Anyway, post your comments, thoughts, predictions and hopes.
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  • CzarnyJoCzarnyJo Member Posts: 70
    Maybe NG ain't included last 7 heroes (Merle, Tara, Rosita, Glenn, Rufus, Gabriel, Eugene), becouse they want to do Hero Week 4 with only them. Then present Hero Week will only include important ,,All out War'' characters. Can't see a better way.
  • Mais88Mais88 Member Posts: 348
    The lineup this week blows bubbles so far...I hope at least these are the characters making NG a crapload of money. At least one end of this venture should be happy.
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    You bet @TJS
    Only reason I'm not going pink is lack of radio's. Wanna have some left for what is to come. Looks like they are doing popular heroes. So wouldn't be surprised if I like what's yet to come.
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    Huge disappointment. I've been saving radios ever since the second Hero Week finished. I wanted to go all in on Rosita, Rufus, and Gabe. Looks like that probably isn't going to happen. I guess the good news is that because NG is going the complete $$ route, we'll probably at least see an Abe or Sasha day again. Maybe both!
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  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,643
    Eugene should be coming for sure. I mean it’s Eugene

    Probably making a video!

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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,874
    What do we know?

    So far we've seen hero's that are:

    #1) Still Alive and active in the Show

    #2) From different classes

    Jerry (warrior)
    Rick (shooter)
    Daryl (Hunter)
    Negan (bruiser)

    So we need a scout still alive (Gabriel, Carol)

    And an assault (Rosita)

    Then there's a seventh hero so anyone's guess?

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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    I don't have many radios saved, but I would burn them if those Gabriel, Carol and Rosita were the next to come up.
    I have trouble saving my radios anyway, because I need more class tokens. Always.
  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,295
    edited January 2018
    (Teeceezy edit: No TV show spoilers, please)
  • KudukKuduk Member Posts: 99
    edited January 2018
    Since they are all male survivors..my guess is,

    So keep your radios guys :wink:
  • RouvinatorRouvinator Member Posts: 109
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    > @ladre5 said:
    > Merle dammit! Give us dixon!!! Pretty please...

    100% agree
    No merle no party
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Well again another surprise.
    The Governor
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  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,295
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    Well they got the class right but i don't ever remember the Governor having red hair.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    meh..Gov again
  • ladre5ladre5 Member Posts: 175
    Money stays in my pocket. Thx ng!
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Using our radios on the 40call last week doesn't seem like such a bad move now?
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  • JeemPedJeemPed Member Posts: 159
    My prediction for the last 2 is Jesus and Aaron. They have done Jerry from the Kingdom. Rick and Daryl from that group. Negan and the Saviors. Now the Gov from Woodbury. Jesus would be from the Hilltop and Aaron from Alexandria.
  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    @TJS , I was totally thinking the same thing, lol
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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    StHall said:

    So far this event should be called Hero Weak 3.

    For you, perhaps.
    I was very happy to burn my remaining phones on Governor today for 384 tokens out on 7 calls, plus some random survivor class tokens.
  • GeirGeir Member Posts: 40
    I remember someone ask about the 3 hero week because some hero's not in the first 2 hero week.
    It's a scandal if they not come up with Merle .

    But agree NG it is a surprise , but a bad one.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,191
    edited January 2018
    Someone hypothesized when they refused to announce the lineup for Hero Week 3 that NG would have some 'good' heros toward the end, to encourage people to buy more bundles, after already having burned their phones earlier in the week.

    And today, The Governor shows up.


    (P.S. NG, your ploy worked. The Governor is my most-used hero. I spent all of the phones I had saved for Merle and another 500 phones from my hoard to get him to a second pink star. I'd spend the rest of my hoard to get him to a third pink star, except that it isn't enough phones... unless all of those 64 drops suddenly turned to 256 and 512 drops...).
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