All weapon traits suck!!!!

I see no varitiy in weapon drop traits. Some old, same old. Not complaining. Just joe Friday. Most people think your complaining, when in your eyes your stating facts, that you see! Well I'm half blind, color blind and truly see what I want too! But have 20/20 vision with my glasses and contacts in at the same time. So I can see all points of vision! Lol


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    Let me complete the sentence

    All weapon traits suck!!!! so do you

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    I mostly agree with @ekimhclew. The only thing I think I disagree with is I'd rather have gold high powered (with gold piercing and silver on the third trait).

    Charging is great. In fact, on some maps a pistol without high powered at all, but with gold charging, gold piercing, and maybe lethal as a third trait can be very useful. But that's a specialty weapon.
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