Help,stuck in level 60!

Hi,I'm currently at player level 60 ,very nearly on 61,all my buildings are upgraded but in my profile it states I'm about 1000 building points off becoming player level 61,how do i achieve this when there's nothing left to upgrade? Do I get bp from training people? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • UberUber Member Posts: 73
    Hello... could you please advise on what level your Council building is ? FYI we do not receive BP for training survivors.
  • marie1980marie1980 Member Posts: 182
    Council level 20.
  • marie1980marie1980 Member Posts: 182
    I have the walker pit but don't go on the outpost so didn't think I would need to upgrade it,I'll get upgrading it then and see if that's the problem, thanks.
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