Ultimate Challenge vs. Hilltop: a primer

valereeevalereee Member Posts: 179
For all those who are confused: Ultimate Challenge and Hilltop have exactly ZERO to do with one another.

Ultimate Challenge is:
- Higher starting difficulty for all players:
- Slightly higher for players whose top Survivors are level 20 or lower
- Significantly higher for players whose top Survivors are level 21 or higher
- Two rounds per difficulty instead of three when difficulty is near the level of the player’s top survivors
- Three rounds per difficulty for the highest levels in the game [26 and above]
- Fewer Stars needed for players and Guilds to earn rewards

Hilltop, on the other hand, is a particularly out-of-balance map that is part of the 'Memory Lane' challenge. TO BE CLEAR: Hilltop has NOTHING to do with Ultimate Challenge.
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