Daily Quest Feedback/Issue Related to Extended "Distance" event

During the Feb 5th-7th Distance mission that you extended out for two days, the Daily Quest missions for both days included a quest for completing distance missions.

The issue I have is that I completed 17 of them on February 5th and even if I could beat the last four missions it wouldn't be enough to complete the daily quest objective on February 6th. The only options I have at this point is to reset the distance (I'm not going to waste 200 gold to do so) or miss out on the daily quest.

Feedback: While I appreciate the distance being extended an extra day (though honestly, I never seem to have issues getting as far as I can with a single day), it would be good going forward to avoid having the extra day for the distance include a daily quest for completing distance missions in the event a player has made it mathematically impossible to complete without penalizing themselves by spending gold to reset.

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