MEME COMPETITION! THEME: Teeceezy's farewell



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    > @Serp said:
    > that as “studying a board”

    I'm not going to post a meme, but I have been hit in the face by a 2×4 and it hurts.
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    Holds breath tightly and turns Ba Ba Blue!.

    Descensus in cuniculi cavum
    Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit

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    Good Bye, Fare Well, RIP

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    @Kaz Can we all get a forum badge for participation? We usually get one every event.

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    @Pain_Walker It's in the first post..

    The FIRST PRIZE is a Radio (10) + Gold (500) Bundle!
    All the other contestants will receive an exclusive badge
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    So who won?

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    MadPuppy said:


    Look up a few posts. ;)

    Missed that, it's a bad day

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