Some suggestions

Hello there!
I have some ideas and I want to share them.
1- let the chapter missions open for scavenge missions. There are many good mission there, instead of the usual and boring scavenge missions...
2- let us choose gear! When we select a survivor let us choose which gear to use. Actually, change gear among the survivors take much time and it's boring too...
3- power up the melee survivors or give us some bonus for using them. Maybe more XP or something, I don't know.
4- please please please, silver crates = rare gear. Golden crates only for epic/legendary gear.
5- once in a month let us freely manage our bagdes. It will be very useful.
6- reduce the gas for scavenge missions. I am a level 67 player and spend 6 gas per mission. I think it's a little high...
I think that's all!
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