Idea for grind reduction & other random ideas

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*These are just what Ive discussed with others as well as my personal opinions. I know we all are all going to agree, this post is for NG, not to start a war in the comments lol*

Even though I am not the biggest fan of the Ultimate Challenge, I do like the fact that you are trying different ways to see how what combo is the best. I have a suggestion to a way you can try it next. I always said simple is best.

Start everyone at their normal starting level, (14 for those level 20 survivors & up) keep round numbers same 1 from 14 -18 and 3 for 19 & up (maybe 2) but if you give a pass for every 3 rounds completed, you will cut alot of the grind down. (especially after the first week)

You would need to give this a 2 week run (atleast) to get a better idea of stats. The first week to gather passes, the second week to how the passes and new method will help cut on grind.

I know no method would please 100% of the people, nothing ever will. I really would like to see this version given a shot, what do we have to lose!

It was awesome to see the increase in personal & guild rewards! I hope they continue to increase, as alot of us are higher level players, so the increase would help balance some of the game play!

I also feel this verson will help our lower leveled players, starting them at a higher level, with a good number of round passes, alot of them felt discouraged by not being able to play as many round and not earn alot of personal rewards.

If you still choose to the Ultimate challenge a way you have tried before, maybe it could be benifical to all to increase the guild members by an additional 5 - 10 player.

Gas reduction: At level 67 and camp maxed, mission car has 29 gas. Scavenge is 6 gas a mission. That 5 missions. I love that tv missions are 1 gas and outposts are 2. Why cant all other missions be 3 gas. (This could help reduce grind & waiting!) Also reducing refill time to 6 or 8 minutes (5 minutes would be amazing)

Crate rewards: I see this every where as an issue. Please let gold crates contain epic or higher rewards. I have found an epic frag in a silver crate, but finding a rare weapon in a gold crate is not a balanced reward.

Badges: I heard theres frags out there, somewhere, maybe? It maybe helpful to have a badge swapping day/weekend at least 1 a month (this would be generously helpful!)

I miss the story missions! It would be really awesome to play those again! Re-open the ones that we have finished in all 3 difficulties to replay or use them like scavenge missions with a normal & hard mode. It would be fun to have a refreshened set of maps to do scavenge runs on!

Thank you! I know its difficult to please everyone! I am enjoying the direction of the game and am always looking forward to new/different content! No issue I see is huge or off putting to game play which is always a huge plus. What do we have to lose by asking and/or trying something new?
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    I'm for Gas reduction too!10 minutes is too long.Five minutes would be perfect
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