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Season 8B Missions

No Man's Land continues our exclusive partnership with AMC's The Walking Dead television show with a new set of Season Missions following along the trials and conquests of Rick, Carl, and the other Survivors. Based on player feedback from past seasons, we have aimed to make the Trial Missions in Season 8B challenging and compelling for players of all levels. Join us every week on Mondays at 13:00 UTC for a new mission with great rewards, new gameplay, and a new perspective on the events of the most recent episodes of The Walking Dead!

Season 8B Reward Hero

We're opening up one of the game's most powerful and central characters to all of our players! The one and only Rick Grimes will be the central character for the rewards of Season 8B missions. Players will earn some Rick Tokens each week for completing Season 8B missions, and a bonus batch of Rick Tokens for completing all 5 Trial missions within the week that each mission premiers.

Players that complete all 8 Season missions in their debut week will earn enough Rick Tokens to unlock our favorite Shooter. Players who have previously unlocked Rick or earned Rick Tokens can add these new rewards to their existing inventory, earning enough over the Season to help them promote Rick to a new level of rarity.

New Challenge Missions

We're always expanding the world of Challenges by bringing new Mission sets to the game whenever possible. In 2.10, the new Challenge "In the Dead of Night" will show you places you once thought familiar, but filled with new surprises and dark twists.*

New Weapons

A few new Weapons are going to be made available as the Season continues - look for these in the Shop, and also in a special game event. Stay tuned to the game and to all things The Walking Dead to learn more as soon as news is available!

Random Chance Tables

Next Games and No Man's Land are proud to release new information on the random chances of obtaining rewards in all areas of the game.

New information buttons appear in the following places:

- The Radio Tent
- When picking Crates after Missions
- On the Guild Gift button
- Trade Goods and Components shops
- In the Craftsman Building Badge Creation menu

On each of these screens, the player can find specific information on the chances to receive any specific type, quantity, or rarity of reward that is possible in that location. We hope players use this information to make the best choices about how to spend their time and resources in No Man's Land. Out of respect for our supportive community of dedicated players, Next Games and the No Man's Land team went far beyond the minimum requirements for creating these information screens. We're excited about this step to increase transparency and more informed decision making in mobile games, and proud to be leading the way in offering the most detailed information we can to our players.

Bug Fixes

Several bug fixes related to performance, connectivity, advertisement delivery, and loading times have been made, but each individual player's device, signal strength, and operating system will impact the extent to which these improvements are felt in gameplay.

In particular, players have asked for some specific bugs to be addressed.

- Fire Animation
This should cause less slowdown of frame rate on older devices.

- Gas Booster
If a player has more Gas than their maximum Gas Tank capacity at the time of activating a 24-hour Unlimited Gas Booster, this additional Gas will remain available to the player even after the Gas Booster expires.

- Running Raiders
Raider and Freemen enemies that have been reported to be moving further and faster than ever before should be restored to their original, intended movement speed.

- Framerates
Optimizations to the game engine should, in many cases, result in higher framerates and smoother gameplay for players with older devices. Depending on your device, these optimizations may also have a positive effect on your device battery life while playing No Man's Land.

More to Come!

We have been working with players, Guilds, and Community and Development teams to improve the game in a number of ways. One point of special attention has been the Challenge experience for players with maxed-out Survivors. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing changes to the normal Challenge rules based on our past discussions and experimental events. The focus of these changes will be to increase the amount of difficulty in missions for veteran players, thereby reducing the number of low-difficulty rounds, while maintaining a rewarding experience for players of all progression levels.

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