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I'm trying to get better at guild challenges but i dont know what survivor worth to invest into. I dont want to waste my points on hunter class which one should i use or at least try to invest into ? what you think ?


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    Janet is probably the best out of your epic survivors. Marksman, sure shot and dodge are nice traits, vigilant is okay. If she pulled lucky, iron skin or ruthless for the 5th she would be good but it's a risk. The others have less desirable traits for a hunter I.e. defensive stance, bullet dodge etc. I would save tokens for now until you get something a little better if it was me unless you wanted to take a risk on Janet :smile:
  • KebKeb Member Posts: 4
    Jeah thats my problem too. I have enough token to upgrade 3 4stars into 5star but i rather keep it. Thanks
  • Conan1976Conan1976 Member Posts: 758
    Janet is nice! 4 decent traits for a hunter!
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    Keb said:

    I'm trying to get better at guild challenges but i dont know what survivor worth to invest into. I dont want to waste my points on hunter class which one should i use or at least try to invest into ? what you think ?

    Hello @Keb and welcome to the forums.

    Traits are a very personal question, and I don’t mean that as in a sensitive topic, I meant many people have there own opinions. A large portion of it comes down to play style and the tactics you use.

    Also another important factor, imho, is the cast you run with. Do you use 2 hunters and a shooter? Assault, hunter, shooter? Scout, assault, hunter?

    Do you do more like me and have 2 people attack, one person on overwatch? (This helps, lower the amount of respawn, also it the overwatch has a weapon with interrupt it can stop a fatty that lived in its tracks.)

    So, really again in my opinion there is no one perfect solution. I have multiple shooters, scouts, bruisers, assaults, warriors. However I have only one hunter aside from hero’s at this moment because I have recycled the others for tokens to make my one a pink star.

    I’d like to invite you, if you have not seen it, to check out this Wordpress site. For the purpose of full disclosure, please know it is no longer maintained as the person who created it has stopped playing. I still refer to areas on the site almost daily.

    The person I have opted to keep is shown here;

    Others I’m sure would have different trait suggestions however she suits me well and has been my go to hunter so many times I finally dropped all non hero others to focus on her.

    You won’t like this answer, however, you will go through many toons of each type as you progress. I’m no expert, having only started in September myself, but it always tears me up a bit when I unlock a better hero and think of all the hours and tokens I’d put into the previous project. What I have come to learn is unless you unlock them at Legendary status, you might always find a diamond or a rock in the last unlocked traits.

    I know this didn’t answer anything, but I hope it gives you a springboard on which to dive into the game.

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  • KebKeb Member Posts: 4
    thanks for the long disclosure shadow :) personally i swapping my team what the event need more on but most likely i'm end up with Abraham shoter hunter combo in +5zombie lvls or higher due to i can always stun, area crit hit, and hit multiple directions.
    but that hunter is a beast for overwatch just the vigiliant trait what i could miss from her to do some little more dmg nice one
  • GuapoGuapo Member Posts: 990
    edited February 2018
    You are so low level with them keep your 1 legendary until you have 1 that you feel is perfect for you. Don't waste tokens now.

    For free advice, you should use some of those tg boxes and buy the 50 token boxes for your current best survivors.
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  • KebKeb Member Posts: 4
    My camp is just reached 15 so i need to know what i need to invest in what is worth. I have 1 legenday lvl 14 shooter what i'm intended to keep just need more shooters.
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