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    I love to tell my kids about the time I went to Dairy Queen and they were out of ice cream (how does that even happen????). It was followed up a few years later by the time I went to Arby's and they were out of roast beef (both true stories). So I'm guessing Pizza Hut was just letting everyone know they have pizza again after being out of it one time or another :wink:
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    usually our KFC here in NY is out of chicken. seriously :neutral:
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    It's the C in KFC. I know they're the artist formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken now, but we all know the truth. It's Kentucky Fried Chicken. They can't be out of the C in KFC. That's nuts.

    You know what? I'll let them off the hook on the F. They could roast it and I wouldn't object too much. And they can even have the K. I don't care of it's Kentucky Fried Chicken or Kazakhstan Fried Chicken.

    But the C? No. That's a must.
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    It's a bit like this:

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    i stopped going years ago after a handful of times at the counter being told they just had sides *groan*
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    Captain Obvious's costume has a big O on the chest.

    And Obvious in brackets underneath, in case anybody doesn't know what it stands for.
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    Thinking this would be the right time to tell him
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    That makes me feel I remember giving one of those to my parents when I was "younger".
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    :smiley: ........
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