Scenario Recruiting

In episode 12-3 you can send 2 survivors to rescue knife wielding moron. I waited until I could get another survivor slot to play that scenario. In wikia it says you can recruit 14/18 uncommon Scout. Before I knew which kind scenario that is I sent lvl 14 hunter and lvl 13 warrior. There was lots of burners and lvl 12 scout waiting for me. I failed to save him. Now I knew that I need to use ranged guys and unfortunately I changed both survivors and went there with lvl 14 assault and lvl 14 shooter and I found that there was lvl 9 scout Debbie wielding butter knife. I managed to save her, but could recruit only 9/13 uncommon scout. WTF I can get better material using one radio calls. I want my overlevel scout I never use.
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