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    That's a very good point @DBones and @DLich.
    Dobled tokens 15 call would narrow down the gap between those that can and can't but still wouldn't eliminate the whole issiue.
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    Safe to assume the spear will be the same level as your Carol? Mine is still only at 20 dammit.
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    That would depend if event was double tokens are not. My issue still remains Carol is not good enough to spend on. Great loved character on show, but she only has 3 useable traits in game.
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    Edit: Oops wrong button
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    Can you tell us when the special radio call for Carol will start?
    Does it start as soon as the current Hero Fest call event ends?
    Also can you tell us how many radios this special call will cost?
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    > @Jenng said:
    > Edit: Oops wrong button

    You were looking for the 'throat punch' button :grey_question:

    I've looked for it before, I assure you it isn't there. :D :D :D
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    Just consider what the reaction would be if it was Abe or Sasha instead of Carol. There are some that would need in the tens of thousands of tokens to get the rewards.

    I think featuring lesser used Heroes is the better option, easier for players to achieve the rewards.
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    So is it safe to guess Carol will be the hero at the end of the distance tomorrow?
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    This is a good idea for an event but it clearly alienates some of the player base. That's not nice and you have done it before multiple times before, NG.

    Please take better care next time ok?

    Personally I got extremely pissed with the Halloween bundle when some got the opportunity to skyrocket their teams to insane levels with 100 bucks while most never got the chance and had to face a sarcastic "I'm sorry" with a tap on the back.
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    People will complain about anything. It is a one week event. Many times we don’t get any event during the week. Be grateful for what you get. And if it doesn’t work out for you, oh well, move on. Maybe the next one will be great for you.
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    @Movado great post. As I stated I can tell that some players aren't all that aware of what a good hero is. @Kaz said Carol is badass but he knows shes not in the game. That is why they are beefing her up in hopes that it makes it more attractive. The last hero week event they waited till the very last two days to run Sasha and Abe that's because they know the big spenders and the majority of players realize how important them two are.

    This is a cool concept, but I think it would be so much more better for it be a Michonne type hero who is extremely useful then they could run Warrior week next week and boom more people buy bundles to beef her up plus the bonuses.
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    @Kaz Will the level of the spear be based on Carol's level or players top 3 or on some other formula?
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