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Characters are lvl19 will be lvl20 within 2 weeks, assume will be at lvl20 for awhile. Main group is hunter-Sasha rare, assault great traits 1 pink, shooter great traits legendary.

So, I’m hoarding phones for hero day. Havre around 600 right now. Was going to go all in on Sasha, but I’m thinking maybe Abe would be the better choice for right now as the increase in damage/health would make life easier in the challenges until I can get to the point where all body shots, then Sasha.

Weapons/equip are pretty meh, so I rarely if ever get to the point of the body shot limit.

Current hunters have crap for traits so I’d continue to use Sasha in the hunter slot until I can finally score a good hunter.

Just seems leveling up Sasha right now is putting the cart before the horse as picking up Ability points for body shots at lower levels is offset by the increased every shot damage and increased health of Abe.

Feedback please, what am I.missing?

Thank you


  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    From my guildmates, I’m told get Sasha Sasha Sasha..

    You will continue to get better gear and toons, as this happens you will move up in challenges, meaning you will reach body shots. Abe’s awesome I agree however, myself, I’m 19 mostly still bringing up others and I’ve gotten to a point that neither Abe nor my Pink star assault can take down a level 23 walker in a single hit.

    At this point I switch to Merle as my shooter because off his bonus. Now I’m running 2 shooter and 1 hunter. Yet in just one more pass, I’ll be in body shot territory and everyone tells me this is when Sasha comes to play.

    I can’t afford a single hit on me as it nearly wipes all my green away, just one touch. So having assaults that can’t kill = my losing stars.
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,749
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    Abe is a great hero but only adds a little bit of damage/health. Sasha is invaluable for late challenge missions and even more so the distance. So Sasha > Abe any day.

    However, what are the rest of your survivors like? If you still need a good scout, warrior, hunter etc then you might be better off spending some of your phones on the 15 call trying to get some new survivors or tokens to improve your current ones. A well balanced team of 6/7* survivors will carry you further than a legendary Sasha. Youd be sort of putting all your eggs in one basket :smile:

    Edit to add: Abe/Sasha have been featured twice in the gold call hero day, there are some heroes who haven't been featured yet or only once so it's unlikely they will be featured any time soon!
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