Possible way to use two heroes on a team?

I apologize if this has been brought up before…the way the game is setup now, only one hero slot can be used, meaning all the investment in building up heroes is wasted somewhat. Would it be possible or desired to have a second hero slot available on a team, but at decreased values?

For instance if a player wanted both Abe and Rosita on a team, Abe’s Bitch-Nuts trait would be reduced by 50%, the same for Rosita’s “It only takes one” trait. For level 23, Abe’s trait would give 4% more health and 7% increased damage, and Rosita’s would do 10% more damage to a single target instead of the normal 20%.

Both Hero’s trait would work as a team, and wouldn’t give the player an unfair advantage, but would allow for more heroes being used (and would give player’s more motivation to use them and upgrade heroes, which means more money for NG).

Not sure if it is possible or doable for NG to code this, but what do you guys and gals think?
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    Nice! Love that idea. My idea has always been that the leader trait should always be active for that hero but only for the team of In leader spot. I.e if you had Maggie not in leader she would still get the increased xp for her kills. And abe and Jesus would be slightly buffed but not the whole team. Would defiantly us more heros that way!
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