Regarding changes not in the "What's New 1.6" thread.

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Hey all,

As some of you may have already noticed, 1.6 included some changes that we're not previously communicated of.

One that you have already noticed, is a change in the level of survivors gained from rescue missions. Previously, survivors gained could be over the level limit in the game at that certain time. This was an unintended bug, the fix of which should have been communicated with the release notes of 1.6

We do recognise that some players relied on these survivors to complete Hard and Nightmare mode missions, however for the long-term balance of the game and especially with player vs player combat coming out, it was imperative that we make the fix. This will help ensure a level playing field for everyone once we introduce Outposts to you guys later this spring.

There has also been a change in the way survivor slot costs are calculated.

Prices are now based on how many survivor slots you have bought, instead of how many survivor slots you have at the time of purchase. This is to fix unfairly rising prices for players that have received slots from bundles.

In addition, costs of outfits have been reduced.

Since there already are discussions about these changes on here, I'm going to keep this closed and leave it pinned as an informative post.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding.
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