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    Goatlips said:

    > @DrUnpleasant said:

    > On the strategy vids, I tend to use @crambert_nec as his are a little more up to date (post Wrestler Nerf I think) and provide a bit more strategic guidance.


    So, "Wrestler Nerf", does that mean don't bother with Wrestler trait after all?

    P.S. My remaining ragtag L24 survivors just did a JSS to complete mission 18 - well, one of them did - which I'm pleased about. Won't even waste my fuel attempting mission 19.

    Wrestler used to provide a way of cheesing kills against high level walkers, even if you put it on a weak survivor. It was before my time but sometimes you'll see videos where a scrub survivor takes down a high level tank that it's struggling with... that's the wrestler thing.

    Nowadays Wrestler still has some use but it's not a tier 1 trait and won't make the difference between completing the tough maps or not. Charging as many survivors on early maps as possible and having decent incendary weapons is the way to go unless you have absolutely uber melee characters.
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    Jankel said:

    Mission 21: 100 Rick tokens (shooter) and 40 Aaron tokens

    Seriously? Shooter Rick? Well at least I don't have to push to complete the distance this week....
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    Bump for today? Thanks!
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    Has no one started this week’s Distance yet?
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    sasha, Maggie, michonne, eugene then gov. Legendary shooter stuff.
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    Who had the Hard vs. Normal breakdown? Thanks friends!
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    What's enemies level in hard mode missions 9, 15 and 17 ?
  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
    Mission 9 difficulty 25
    Mission 15 difficulty 32
    Mission 17 difficulty 35
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    Thank you very much, @Jankel !
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    Guides don’t seem to match up this week
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    Thank you, @msapaev !
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    Hello! Any info on today yet? Thanks!
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